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Finding Abundance at Lightning in a Bottle

April 5, 2016

lightning in a bottle yoga

At YOGASCAPES, we’re all about exploring experiences that connect us deeper to ourselves. Through yoga, food, music, community, and travel, we tap into that – we notice what lights us up, what resonates and what feeds our soul. That’s why when we’re not on retreat, we like to stay connected to epic events to dance like crazy, eat delicious food, learn and connect. This year, we’re stoked to go back to Lightning in a Bottle – one of our top Summer Festival picks! Here’s why:


Lean into the heat this summer and build your inner fire on the mat at the Temple of Consciousness. Classes will feature several fun instructors and musicians, including a class with the Earth Harp (what? yes please!). We’re huge fans of making time to practice and move in our bodies amidst the abundance of music and offerings at festivals. It’s a great way to find new teachers and explore other styles you might not have known before. Make sure to bring water and a towel to class to keep it cool in the flow and take a refreshing shower at The Oasis! Don’t miss the healing sanctuary for bodywork and the Ecstatic Dance sets at the Temple as well and check out these 5 tips to nourish yourself at LIB.

lightning in a bottle 2016


There will be no shortage of delicious, organic, healthy fare at Lightning in a Bottle and you know we’re obsessed. From epic fresh meals at Lydia’s to acai bowls by Sambazon and Tom Ka Soup at Get Fried Rice, the options for hungry festival-goers are endless. Here’s the food vendor line-up for you. Make sure to stop by the nourishment booth at The Oasis showers for a special selection of inspiring treats and don’t forget to stay hydrated and pack snacks so you can thrive fully! Also make time to visit the Learning Kitchen for a huge list of hands-on nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations that will leave your taste buds and creative cooking side totally inspired.


Whether you’re in love with the infinitely layered sounds of Hundred Waters or can’t stop listening to Chet Faker, the Lightning in a Bottle line up is arguably the most solid festival line up summer. The list of incredible artists like Jamie XX, Ibeyi, and the Lucid Dossier Experience, the list just goes on and on. Our suggestion: mark down your “can’t miss” artists and then explore the other amazing musicians on the list to discover new favorites!

Photo: danielzetterstrom

Photo: danielzetterstrom


Learning at The Village is another parts of the Lightning in Bottle experience that totally inspires us. From, earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable, thriving, interdependent community. With Permaculture Classes, Ancient Medicine, Elixir tastings, Resilient Community Panels and more, The Village will be overflowing with knowledge and should not be missed. And check out the LIB Sustainability Action Guide to be in the know!

As always, Lightning in a Bottle is offering an abundance of experience for movement and summer bliss. Make sure to listen to your body’s needs and take care of yourselves while indulging in the epic festival fun. See you there!

lightning in a bottle

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