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Music & Yoga Afterglow

May 7, 2017

Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Integrate: (v) to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole : unite.

When we experience shift or inspiration, what is our process of weaving what we notice into ourselves? How do we crystalize the feelings to continue the embodiment of new realizations?

After a long weekend full of bliss through yoga, dance and art at Lightning in a Bottle festival, this is what we’re exploring.

The Power of Play

One consistent element of our moments at Lightning in a Bottle is play – a reawakening of silliness and creativity that brings out our inner child. Whether we’re wearing costumes and letting it all go on the dance floor, when we invite a sense of play, we’re surrendering to the moment. Similarly, it’s difficult to resist the divine sense of play at LIB when you see someone in a full body dog costume dances by with a giant inflatable unicorn raft, or when you’re roller skating under the stars next to someone in sparkly gold pants. At LIB, it’s play time all the time!

We can bring this into our daily lives by noticing what kind of play lights up our spirit so we may light up those around us.

lightning in a bottle

Photographer: Aaron Glassman

Thoughtful Programming

We had the chance to meet the creators of one of the core peninsulas of the festival, who physically aligned their space starting from the Beacon Stage (where amazing speakers including Amy Goodman talks), through Sacred Fire and Water altars and the international music and dance areas, up into the Healing Arts spaces and landing at a magical stage home to Ancestral talks. The two woman that designed this peninsula put great care into the purpose and integrity of their spaces and this showed.

One take away lesson we’ve carried with us is to make time for important speakers and different generations around us, to create a layered understanding of our world.

Incredible Yoga & Sound Healing

We find ourselves subtly reminding those around us that while we may be attracted to the fierce fire of a power practice, sometimes what we really need in the moment is to sink into the depth of a rejuvenating restorative practice. Festivals are more frequently highlighting these classes and beautiful sound healings that offer slower movement and gentler unfolding in the context of an otherwise pretty a high-energy festivals.  We are reminded of the peace that is found in stillness when we feel immersed in chaos.

Lightning in a Bottle

Photographer: Aaron Glassman

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Dance is medicine – it’s organic and healing. At LIB, we were blown away by the unbelievable artistry in the music lineup. All weekend, musicians left it all on the stage for a captive audience and sparked epic inspiration for all!

Post-festival, just like after any retreat we host, we look to engrain the felt experiences we had. Creativity is a powerful tool to help do this – writing, making art, dancing, doing yoga, cooking; however we can remind ourselves of that vibrant spark within radical self expression and sweet community.