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Feeling Your Feelings: When Anger Heals

December 26, 2015

It’s important for us to feel our feelings — anger and rage, happiness and saddness. Below Aarona Ganesan shares her story.

I’ve carried anger and rage with me since I was a small girl. It all started when my parents began to fight endless hours, when my mom would pass out drunk, when my babysitter touched me in ways that confused my feelings for him, when I had to mother my mother and keep her out of danger, when I felt too young to feel emotions that were meant for adults, when I was constantly told that I’m too sensitive, and when I hated my body enough to think bulimia was a good idea. I was especially pissed in my teens and twenties, because I found it unfair that I had to work so hard through endless therapies just to feel normal ‘like everyone else.’

Yet I continued on, searching and healing.

For a long time, true happiness and joy were not comfortable feelings for me. Anger and rage stored themselves in various corners of my body and heart. But these same harbored feelings were muddled with confusion and a deep desire to be free. Fortunately ,the desire for freedom had a firm grip, guiding me on a path of balance and integration.

When you’re a kid, your reality is your reality with nothing much to compare it to. You roll with it and keep being a kid amongst the chaos. Plus I had some real life saving graces that stayed close to me on the journey – an early connection to Spirit, an unseen force of guidance and protection whose embrace never left my side, my parent’s unwavering love that seeped through it all, my big brother, and a natural instinct to remain curious and hopeful.

I clearly remember a time when I looked forward to being an adult so that things would finally “settle.” Yet I quickly learned that life never completely settles and that the flat-line adulthood fantasy that once seemed attractive would never be me.

Instead, we can become better equipped to love and care for ourselves through the ups and downs while building an unshakeable confidence borne from a colorful life span. Like everything, it’s a choice. We can choose to walk the path of healing while trusting that we will meet a better and calmer version of ourselves somewhere on the road to recovery. Magically and gratefully, I’ve always believed this to be true.

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With movement, holistic health and the arts being at the forefront of Aarona’s healing journey, she’s deeply inspired to share her growth and tools with others. Inspired by 20 plus years of yoga, 12 years as a yoga teacher and wellness adviser, a BFA in photography and mixed media arts, and a love of writing and globe trotting – Aarona shares her passion on and off the mat. Her classes combine various yoga and meditation disciplines where she invites you to safely explore your edge and enliven the wisdom of your senses. She’s the founder/creative director/author of ‘The Moon Deck’ (an intuitive oracle deck filled with inspired offerings to stoke the powers of intention and ritual), curates and teaches ‘Yoga Soundscape’ (a live music and sound concert combined with a thoughtfully orchestrated moving meditation practice), and created the music modules for the Kula Yoga and Wanderlust teacher training programs.
Born in LA and brewed in NYC, she teaches public yoga classes, facilitates global adventure yoga retreats, leads empowering women’s workshops, mentors new yoga teachers and offers private coaching. Aarona has been featured in the New York Times, Self Magazine, National Geographic Traveler UK, The Weather Channel, Wall Street Journal, Fréttblaðið of Iceland, Times of India, Origin Magazine, the cover of FitYoga, NBC, Elephant Journal, Yoga Journal, AlignYo, Well+Good NYC, and Co-Creator Radio.