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Our Favorite Yoga Retreats in Italy

November 2, 2015

This past month, after a successful yoga retreat on the Amalfi Coast, Leah and I embarked on a journey to discover the best yoga retreat centers in Italy.  When we look for a new venue to work with we are looking at the experience as a whole. We have dinner with the hosts, we stay the night, practice yoga, go for a walk or a hike, eat breakfast and chat with other guests.  We take our time to get to know the the area and scout out adventures, activities and restaurants so that we are all prepared to offer our participants the most authentic retreats possible.  You can read more about our Italian adventure here.

After visiting ton of locations, here are our top picks for yoga retreats in Italy!

Locanda Del Gallo

We visited Locanda Del Gallo at the end of our trip and felt like we had stumbled upon a dream. With the food, the location, the steam room and the abundance of nature, we couldn’t not have Locanda del Gallo at the top of our Italy Yoga Retreat list and we’ll probably have to add it to our best yoga retreats in the world list as well.

We’re going to Locanda del Gallo in Fall, 2018.  It will sell out so sign-up while you can here.


La Selva Positano

There’s simply no yoga deck with a better view. La Selva’s uniqueness, perched on the cliff’s of the Amalfi coast, lends itself to a yoga retreat experience with a unique perspective and an off the beaten path taste of the Amalfi Coast.



After being invited in for a delicious lunch and learning about everything Monestevole stands for – amazing permaculture, soap making workshops, horses, gardens, black water systems and plenty more “innovative” (a lot of this people have been doing in Italy for a long time) practices that honor the land, the community and the way of life, we not only had to put Monestevole on our list, we decided to hold a retreat there.

Join us for this unique offering, The Heart of Umbria to get your hands dirty around the farm, your bellies filled up in the cozy dining room and your hearts cracked wide open with yoga with Dana Rizer.

monestevole food


Ebbio is a peak into a real working farm and it’s location, just south of Sienna, just outside of Monteriggione, and nestled at the base of a beautiful hill with amazing hiking, makes Ebbio incredibly unique. Horse and donkeys will be roaming freely outside and the yoga space will hold you in a sacred space inside.  This is our favorite yoga retreat in Tuscany!


In Sabina

Just outside Rome, In Sabina is the easiest yoga retreat in Italy to get to, but we would come here even if it was the hardest.  The entire experience feels thoughtfully curated by the wonderful owner and the yoga space is simply to die for.  The surroundings are filled with picturesque vistas and charming towns.


Delicious Nature – Saffron Farm

How lucky we were to find Delicious Nature.  We arrived for a beautiful farm feast and woke up in the morning to help harvest the saffron which was the highlight of our 2 week journey around Italy.  Anne and Casper were incredible hosts and we hope to create something with them in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.05.46 PM

Ben Crosky

We only work with venues that we ourselves would want to go on retreat to and we only want to work with places that have that extra touch. Sometimes the extra touch comes in the way of incredible hosts, sometimes it's the food, sometimes it's the location or even the yoga studio. We hope that the extra touch is found in all elements and invite you to join the adventure as we explore the world's best retreat centers, farms and hotels and share them with you here.

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Enjoy our top picks for best yoga retreats in Italy: