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Exploring the Magic of a Moab Yoga Retreat With Jason Bowman

March 31, 2016

Moab is a very special place to me.

I remember when I was probably ten years old my brother and I got in the backseat of my Dad’s car (our dog rode shotgun) and drove from Boulder to southwestern Utah. My Dad had recently read “Desert Solitary” by Edward Abbey, a classic that I wouldn’t come to appreciate until twenty years later, and his enthusiasm for the book at the time transformed him into an environmental and historical tour guide. That trip was a memorable one because it was the first time I really connected with the desert. It’s been a long love affair ever since. I’ve been back to Moab a few times

It’s been a long love affair ever since. I’ve been back to Moab a few times since; once hiking to delicate arch at dawn with no one but two dear friends within an earshot. The bright red rock was made all the more unrealistic by the purple-blue sky blanketing it and, as we sat silently gazing at the grooves in the rock made by thousand-year-old water, I realized there again what a gift it is to be alive.

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, it is the embrace and exploration of this gift in all its purity and complication that rests at the heart of most my daily endeavors. I’ve taught many yoga retreats in different countries and different climates and among different cultures and the one thing that always becomes evident is that the retreat experience, more than anything, serves as a celebration of community. The yoga and meditation are great, the outdoor activities are wonderful, the relaxation is unequaled… but to me, the best part is often times just sitting around a table with a bunch of strangers-turned-comrades and enjoying a glorious meal together.

I’m especially looking forward to this retreat because May is the perfect time to go to Moab. With the exemplary accommodations that we’ve lined up, the hosts, the chef and the activities… May in the desert will be an incredible reset as spring becomes summer.

I’m also super excited to teach with Kerri Kelly again. In tandem, I think we’ll throw together some nicely well-rounded days complete with energetic vinyasa classes, lazy restorative lying around, as well as sunrise meditation to augment the many adventurous outdoor pursuits that will fill the rest of the days.

There are only a few spots left, jump on it! See in you the desert!

Join Jason Bowman together with Kerri Kelly on our Red Rocks Glamping Yoga Retreat, May 18–22, 2016. Find out more!

Photo: cielodlp

Jason Bowman is a writer and yoga teacher in San Francisco. His practice and teaching have been greatly influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as he’s learned it from Richard Freeman and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana Meditation as he’s learned it from SN Goenka. He has completed several trainings and silent retreats as well as years of practice with all three teachers. The impression they’ve left can be felt in his strong ability to teach the physical practice alongside the philosophical with insight and character.
Jason has excelled in teaching teachers and providing continuing education to various yoga communities. He has led several Yoga Alliance Certified teacher trainings as well as regular immersions, workshops, retreats and guest lecture series both at home and around the country. He is well known for his ability to be thorough while maintaining a light-hearted sense of humor. His classes encourage a personal examination of the space between theory and direct experience and his love for the practice shines through in his ability to teach with a concrete yet creative voice. Jason has a keen eye for detail and his classes are consistently fun and challenging while always in tune with the underlying internal inquiry that makes the practice so beautiful.