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What to Expect on a YOGASCAPES Yoga Retreat

With so many retreats to choose from and so many people to go with, we thought we would simply share what it’s like to go on retreat with YOGASCAPES



Unique Destinations
We pride ourselves in seeking out and creating long lasting relationships with the world’s most unique and interesting destinations.  Each destination is handpicked for it’s combination of location, weather, activities and something a little less quantifiable, that off the beaten path/homey/unique vibe.

For the Love of Nature
Part of going on retreat and traveling is to get away from the hub-bub of the urban life and get back to nature.  In fact we don’t want to just get back to it, we want to be surrounded by it.  From open air villas in the jungle to riverside bungalows you will be surrounded, inspired and reconnected with the healing power of nature.

Amazing & Inspiring Yoga
With so many other amazing elements of a yoga retreat it’s easy to overlook the yoga element! We don’t overlook it at all, in fact, we seek out the best teachers around the world to lead our retreats.  We know that having a deep connection with the yoga itself on the retreat can be life-changing and in addition to needing to create a safe space for all levels we want each participant to come away with more than just a workout from their yoga retreat.

Food – Glorious, Amazing, Healthy Food
When deciding whether or not to work with a yoga retreat center food is make or break.  Food and mealtimes (the atmosphere, the care, the ambiance) are a huge part of retreats.  We love creative, healthy and delicious food.  We want people to look forward to each meal and for each meal to be nourishing to the body and soul.  Because we care so much about food, our mealtimes become the social center of our experiences.

Amazing Adventures
Each yoga retreat has it’s own set of unique adventures available.  We balance our retreats so that people can have a combination of rest and relaxation and exploration!  Hiking, kayaking, surfing, hot springs, volcanoes, village tours, sailing, cooking classes and more are available on each of our unique retreats.  We believe that flirting with your edge and diving deep into the land and culture of a place is fuel for the soul and fundamental to a deep journey.

Beautiful Community
With all of the food, yoga, nature and adventure, it’s easy to forget that one of the most powerful experiences on retreat is the connections that are made between the retreaters.  There’s something special that happens when a group of amazing people come together to relax, rejuvenate and grow.  We leave our stories behind and connect as human beings. We find that in just a weekend or a week, when participants support each other in self discovery and witness our true selves without judgement, deep connections can be forged.  We find that people make life long friends on almost every single one of our retreats.

We only work with venues that have a conscious relationship with the culture, the people and land.  We have no interest in staying anywhere that abuses the land or treats it’s employees poorly.  We honor the rare venues that honor the environment and the locals.

Flexibility and Free Time
We get a lot of solo travelers that ask about how much free time and flexibility they will have.  We pride ourselves on creating a structure in which each guest can get the most out of their experience and part of that structure is leaving enough space for people to have down time and do their own thing on retreat.  When we empower our guests to listen to what they really need on their retreat and then act on it, then everyone wins.

Awards & Press
YOGASCAPES has been featured in the following articles and media outlets:

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