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Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat FAQ
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The Iceland Yoga Program

Our Iceland Yoga Retreat is designed for people with all levels of yoga and adventure experience. Men, women, couples, best friends, old friends and soon to be new friends. Our goal is to connect as deeply as possible to nature and to the cultural core of this beautiful place. I mean how often do you get to go to Iceland with a group of people that are passionate about such similar things?!

This means we’ll be outside as much as possible, hiking to hot springs, walking in mossy fields, following rivers to see where they take us, climbing glaciers etc. Nothing we do is mandatory but everything we have planned is irresistible. This is not a “luxury yoga retreat” by any means, that’s not why we go to Iceland, but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with all of the charming places we stay, or the healthy food we work hard to find in a country known most for it’s fermented shark meat and puffins.

Each day in Iceland is different. We’ll mostly do yoga only once a day, but some days we’ll have the time to do 2 and if the weather is nice we’ll throw in something in nature!

After arriving in Keflavik we’ll head straight to the Blue Lagoon, and then return to Reykjavik for two nights/days. Here we’ll soak in the magic of this unique city. We’ll practice yoga at the local studio, eat delicious food, take day trips and explore the music and night life that is so abundant in this fantastic city. This is your time to explore on your own and do any optional excursions of your liking.

From Reykjavik we’ll take a short flight north on Air Iceland to get away from the crowds and find solitude in nature at Ravenhill Lodge. From Ravenhill we’ll have access to the beautiful Myvatn Hot Springs and surrounding natural wonders. We’ll have a day where you can take local hikes, relax in the hottub/sauna, or go to the Beer Spa. Yes an actual beer spa attached to a local brewery where your skin will be glowing after soaking in young hops, beer, yeast, glacier water, seawater and not to worry, a beer tap right next to the tub for unlimited drinks while soaking!

Then we will journey to the magical Ion hotel for two nights where we’ll soak in their beautiful pool and surround ourselves in the quiet of the Icelandic nature. Hike to Hot Springs, discover waterfalls, eat bread baked in the ground, and end our wonderful retreat at this breathtaking venue.


AUG 27
7:00 am Meet at Joe & Juice
7:15 am Depart for Blue Lagoon Hot Springs
Stay in Reykjavik

AUG 28

Morning Yoga
Glacier Tour
Stay in Reykjavik

AUG 29
Morning Yoga
Free Day in Reykjavik
Stay in Reykjavik

AUG 30
Morning Yoga
Drive to Snaefellsness
Waterfall Hike
Stay at Hotel Hellnar

AUG 31
Morning Yoga
Explore Snaefellsness
Afternoon Yoga
Stay at Hotel Hellnar

Sept 1
Morning Yoga
Explore Snaefellsness
Afternoon Yoga
Stay at Hotel Hellnar

Sept 2
Morning Yoga
Depart for Airport

Where is this retreat and how do/when do I get there?

Do I need to book my own flight to Iceland? What flights do I purchase?

You are responsible for booking your own plane flight. Here is the important arrival and departure information:


Airport: Reykjavík, Iceland – Keflavik Intl (KEF)
Arrival Date: August 25th, 2018
Arrival Time Range: The retreat starts with a morning visit to the Blue Lagoon on August 25th. Please arrive to KEF Airport on time for the 8:30 am  shared shuttle. We will meet at the Joe & The Juice outside of customs, and you may hang out there for a while if you have a very early flight. If you arrive to the airport later or are coming from Reykjavik, you will be responsible for your own transfer and we can help you arrange it.

Fill out the Traveler Details Form and we’ll arrange transport just before the retreat.


Departure Date: Sep 1st, 2018
Departure Time Range: IMPORTANT – Please book your flights for anytime after 5pm on Sep 1st. There will be one shared shuttle going back to Reykjavik and then to the Keflavik Airport on Sep 1st, 2018. Guests will responsible for the cost of any alternative transfers/special arrangements.

Where will we be be staying?


Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina (Nights 1-2)

Ravenhill Lodge

ION Adventure Hotel


Single Rooms: Book the Single Room option if you would like a Private Room with Private Bath at the first and third hotels (Reykjavik and Ion Hotel). ALL GUESTS WILL BE IN TWO BEDROOM COTTAGES WITH A SHARED BATHROOM AT THE SECOND HOTEl, RAVENHILL LODGE. Couples will have both bedrooms in the cottage to themselves. Two friends or solo travelers will each take a bedroom and share a bathroom. Possible for three friends to share a cottage.

What will the retreat be like?

What is Included?

7 Nights/ 8 Days Accommodatin
Healing Hot Spring Visits Including the Blue Lagoon
Delicious Icelandic Cuisine (2-3 daily)
Visit to Myvatn Hot Springs
Daily Yoga Classes
Hot Spring Hike
Airport Pick-up & Drop Off
Flight from Rekjavik to Akureryi

What’s not Included?
Lunches on the Road
Some meals in Reykjavik
Spa treatments and resort extras
Beer Spa
International Airfare
Extra Nights
Alcohol or other beverages not included with meals

What is the currency in Iceland and where do I get it? How much cash will I need?

All of the activities highlighted on the trip page are included in the price. However, we will have free time for you to explore on your own. If you choose to go on any optional excursions you will be responsible for the costs but we will definitely help you arrange anything.

Can I arrive early to the retreat and stay late?

You will need to purchase your flights in order to arrive/depart by given dates and time ranges for your specific trip. If you choose to arrive earlier or later than given day/time you will be responsible for the cost of transportation needed to join up with the group. We will transfer you to the airport on the day of departure however if you choose to stay longer you will be responsible for all costs after the day of the group departure.

Depending on your arrival time you may arrive the night before the start date of the trip. If this is the case we are not able to cover the costs of accommodation but we are happy to help you with your planning. If you would like to stay at our last resort longer please contact us so that we can help you arrange this. Because we know these areas so well, we are also happy to help you plan your trip if you decide to stay longer or come early.

Can I use my phone? Is there internet?

We suggest unplugging and tuning in to the current of the beautiful nature we’ll be surrounded by. However, there is service most places in Iceland and wi-fi in all of the hotels.

What is the weather like?

Iceland’s weather is unpredictable.

In June weather is typically very nice but still more like a hot fall day than a typical summer day.  Some days call for short sleeves while others call for light down jackets and always be prepared for rain although its much less this time of year.

In September it’s generally between 45-60 degrees. We love going in September because it’s blueberry season, most of the tourists are gone, the stormy weather hasn’t yet arrived and, with luck, we’ll see the spectacular show of the Northern Lights.

Is travel insurance mandatory for this yoga retreat? How do I purchase it?

Travel insurance for all of our international yoga retreats is mandatory. Unfortunately we cannot allow participation unless proof of travel insurance is sent to us before. Purchase your travel insurance within a week of purchasing your plane flight.

We highly recommend that you add “cancel for any reason” to your policy. Although normal trip cancellation will cover you for illness or injury, or for a travel companions illness, injury or death, it is limited to these. With “cancel for any reason” you will receive a percentage (usually 75%-100%) of all pre-paid costs. With this coverage if something comes up, a wedding, a new job opportunity, etc. or if Solyoga has to cancel due to weather, staff injury or illness or other unforeseen reasons, you will be covered. *This option needs to be purchased within 15 days of your trip deposit.

We suggest this policy from Travel Guard or similar:

Travel Guard – Gold(Protect Assist) w/ Cancel for any reason

For more information please contact the Insurance provider you are looking to purchase with or contact us

What food can I expect?

We will provide almost all of the meals during your trip (2-3 daily), however, there will be days where we schedule meals for you to go off on your own or in groups and those will not be included (4-5 meals). Please let us know as soon as you sign up for the trip or before you sign up if you have any special needs; food allergies or other allergies, or any other special needs or conditions, dietary or medical.

What voltage and plugs do I use?

Electricity in Iceland uses the Europlug/Schuko-Plug (CEE types), which has two round prongs, so a universal adapter will be necessary to use your appliances.

Is there anything special I need beside the general packing list?

Please pack comfortable hiking shoes and rain gear.

Where does the yoga take place and how often?

Although each trip is unique, you can expect yoga at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. On some trips, depending on the length and intensity of activities, we will have one or two days off to recover and re-energize.

Do I need a passport and Visa to visit Iceland?

For almost all of our trips you will need a valid passport and possibly a tourist visa in addition. Because it takes from 2 to 6 months to get your passport and visa it is important to start this process as early as possible.

To obtain a tourist Visa (again, only need for specific locations), please contact the appropriate consulate or embassy and/or visit their website to obtain application forms. In some locations you will need to have 6 months of validity on your passport, so please make sure your passport will be valid for at least 6 months after arrival date of your trip just to be safe.

We will give you more specific information regarding visas for certain trips that require them. For any more specific questions please contact your local travel agency, embassy or consulate.

What is it like to drive in Iceland?

We will provide all necessary transportation throughout the duration of the trip, from arrival at the airport to departure. However if you choose to do an optional excursion you will be responsible for associated costs if we are not able to use our vehicles. Driving in Iceland is easy and there are plenty of rental options in Reykjavik.

If I sign up alone, how do you organize roommates?

We’ll arrange roommates based on gender, age, region and interests.

How many people will be on this yoga retreat?

There will be a maximum of 16-20 people on the trip.

How much free time do we have?

The beginning and end of the retreat are more structured and the middle of the trip in Rekjavik there is plenty of free time to do optional activities. You can find more details under the trip itinerary.


Please budget about $10 per day for tipping. We will collect tips from guests for activities on the day of the activity or you can tip directly. We will collect tips for the retreat center as a group so that they can be distributed equally to staff.

Travel Insurance

If international: Yes, YOGASCAPES requires each trip member to purchase individual travel insurance for their trip. We suggest that you include “cancel for any reason” with your policy. You must purchase travel insurance that includes medical coverage.

When are final payments due?

Final balances are due 60 days before the departure date of the trip. If final payments are not received by 60 days prior to departure, YOGASCAPES reserves the right to cancel your reservation and accept new reservations for your space. If you do not think you can pay in time please contact us via email.

How do I prepare for my yoga retreat in Iceland?


Packing List:
Passport (check that it will be valid) and copy that you keep separately
Yoga mat!
Yoga & exercise clothing- (multiple pairs)
Comfortable walking shoes/lightweight hiking boots
Slip on shoes/Sandals for around hotels
Comfortable socks (warm!)
Swimsuit (multiple pairs)
Casual Clothing & Warm layers (long sleeve, jacket, sweats)
Journal and Pen
A good book or two
Rain jacket/poncho & Plastic bags for packing
Snacks – Bring anything you know you’ll want to be snacking on so that if the food doesn’t sit well with you you’ll have some back up. Always good to have some granola bars etc.
Water bottle to refill
Sunscreen & Hat & Sun Glasses & Lip Balm
Moisturizer / Coconut Oil
Camera & Chargers
Digital Alarm Clock or Watch
Quick dry towel
Small day backpack (highly recommended)
Hat/Cover up
Hair ties
Ear plugs
Toiletries (bring soap/shampoo etc.)
Mini personal first aid kit
Credit Card, Debit Card, (check foreign transaction fees – Capital One usually is good)
Cash for gratuities, purchases, optional excursions and treatments. We suggest about $10/day.
Open heart & sense of adventure


Yoga Retreat Packing List


What else do I need to know?

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