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Enchanted Forest: Embodiment through Music & Dance

July 20, 2016

What is it about music that evokes movement and breath in us? What is it about singing and engaging our bodies that supports the deepening of our presence and attention?

As we witness gatherings such as Enchanted Forest, with an abundance of artistic expression, we have the opportunity to come together and experience music, yoga and dance as a community and sense into how they move us.

Watching and listening live to Los Angeles-based sound artist HÄANA, who played on our Iceland Midnight Sun Retreat, we are completely moved. We are inspired to think about the potency of creative expression and the grace through which it can be delivered. HÄANA’s unique and layered electronic musical creations, called “Cinematic Sonic Bass” facilitate a “sonic palate” that takes listeners on a journey whose destination is a crossroads between classical and contemporary, organic & man-made, familiar and mysterious. She combines electronic sounds, violin, voice into musicality to take listeners to another place. She elevates the vibration of every space she plays – her music deeply evocative. So what is it about HÄANA’s music and performances that inspire us to create and to move? More and more, we are seeing festivals like Enchanted Forest serve as a platform for free expression, building captive audiences ready to dance and soak up the deep sonic bass. These spaces are in stark contrast to the high-energy work environments so many find themselves in and provide a space for a little release and a little weirdness. Audiences are ready to recognize the layers of beauty in HÄANA’s creations and connect to a story much larger being told of authentic empowerment, sensory exploration and embodiment.