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Eat Your Heart Out Oaxaca Yoga Retreat

September 10, 2017

Why did we create a yoga retreat in Oaxaca?

We created Yogascapes not because we wanted to just do what everyone else was doing better, but because we wanted to offer unique experiences that opened people’s hearts and changed people’s lives. One of the ways we do this is by going places others aren’t going and another way we do this is by stimulating the senses. Enter Oaxaca, a place where you won’t find many yoga retreats and where your senses are going to have the time of their life. Sure we could have planned a yoga retreat to Tulum, like everyone else, but we didn’t start this company to be like everyone else.

What are we most excited about?

It’s hard to choose, really hard to choose so I’ll have to list a few.  Above all else the food.  Oaxaca was where I ate the most consecutive mind-blowing meals of my life.  Check out our blog post on my favorite spots in Oaxaca. Did you know that we are going to be taking cooking classes with some of Oaxaca’s (and that means mexico’s) best chefs? Yea, that’s probably number one for us. Though I have to say, the yoga & movement with Maricarmen is going to be one of the highlights. Anyone coming for the exceptional food experience will have a competitor in Mari for best part of the retreat.  And the mezcal, the Zapotec ruins, the chocolate, the art, the juice, the people… this retreat is rich!

What is the yoga going to be like?

Mari Sierra to yoga is like the Chilhuacle chili to Mexican cuisine. You can exist without it, but once you have it in your mole, you realize that you’ve been missing out on a rare, important and powerful ingredient that will change how you experience Mexican food from then on. Mari Sierra has an ability to harmonize matters of the heart and body with that of the head – with solid theoretical foundations. As a Mexican woman she balances a mezo-american connection to the earth with a unique ability to embrace and communicate elemental truths to a technology-obsessed western world via alchemical combinations of dance, yoga and experiential travel – reminding people that they too are nature.

Why not go to the beach?

We have the most amazing yoga retreats on the beach designed for deep relaxation, ocean adventure, surfing, flowing, and more, however, yogascapes is all about learning and deepening and that takes many shapes and forms. So, while we invite you to join us on a pristine enchanted beach in Colombia or a black sand beach in Costa Rica if that’s what your soul needs, we invite you to Oaxaca if you’re craving to feel the pulse of life and of human creativity pulse through your veins.


How do we get there?

Oaxaca is just a hop, skip and a jump from Mexico City. You can book your flight straight to Xoxocotlán International Airport and then hop in a taxi to meet us at our bed & breakfast El Diablo y Sandia, in the heart of Oaxaca. Like all yogascapes trips, we’ll help you along the way to make sure you feel totally taken care of from the very start of your trip.