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Decoding Monthly Energetic Cycles

January 29, 2019

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May taking note of the subtle energies of moon cycles support empowered relationship with all of its phases. May we celebrate both the shadows and the light of the moon, syncing our dance with hers.


We are all guided by deep elemental cycles that carry insight, whether we have an overt awareness of them or not. While every body is different, in general the four phases of a woman’s moon cycle can often characterized by specific physical and energetic qualities. Taking note of and getting to know these phases intimately can be deeply empowering. For example, knowing when our bodies are in a phase of creation or a time of winding down can support us in syncing our lives with this inner wisdom. Below are insights around phases throughout a typical 28 day cycle and are not regarded as official medical advice.

Phase 1 – Menstruation

This is a time of release, when many women experience tiredness, bloating, lack of motivation and desire to rest The phase begins on the first day of bleeding and is characterized by low progesterone levels. Energy and mood may feel lower and being productive can seem far off if not impossible. Our bodies are instructing us to rest, go inward and move more slowly. We can lean towards nourishment and find support in warm healing waters. This may not be the best time to schedule an interview or expect to make big life decisions; we benefit from meeting ourselves where we are at in this inward phase so that our higher energy selves can take the lead in other phases. Notice if lowering intake of sugar, alcohol and caffeine before this first phase starts brings ease to your experience.

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Phase 2 – Follicular Phase

This phase of creation is often felt as more energetic, playful and full of potential. The pituitary gland prompts release of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone to stimulate the production of an egg in the ovary. Estrogen and testosterone are also produced. Through these shifts, we can experience heightened inspiration and notice an increase in desire for social or romantic connection. This is a natural time for making progress on new and existing projects. Aligning our social, work and creative schedules allows us to leverage this powerful energy and clarity for long term cultivation of values and goals in our daily lives.

Phase 3 – Ovulation (around Day 14)

Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the ovary. The egg travels toward the uterus and has a typical life span of about 24 hours. During this time, we can experience a peak in energy levels, confidence and external connection. This can be a potent time for meetings at work or social life, supported by a hormonal boost, as well as increased physical activity.


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Phase 4 – The Luteal Phase

Then estrogen and testosterone levels start to decline, followed by an increase in production of progesterone maintaining the thickening of the uterus for the egg to be planted. Progesterone can feel like a calming hormone, inviting us to wind down and do some nesting. If pregnancy does not occur, progesterone levels decrease signaling to the body that the lining can shed and start the cycle again. The second half of this phase can feel difficult with common PMS symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, moodiness, and bloating. Intense emotions may feel confusing, and they can also bring deep clarity and truth that we don’t otherwise here. This can often be paired with desires and needs of slowing down to take care of ourselves. Notice what types of work and play (or lack of work and play) feel natural and available to you; for example if routine tasks at work come more naturally than solving big problems, see where there is room to align yourself with this. Consider how you can tap into love and patience, meeting yourself with understanding and shaping your life in a way that recognizes what your body is experiencing.

Share your thoughts, tips and insights with us.

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