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Why Dancing Warms the Soul

August 3, 2018

guitarfish festival

Dance is medicine. Music is medicine. Let us be moved to the beat of our hearts.

Through movement, we can find a unique form of presence, letting our bodies guide the way. We acknowledge our intuition as our own teacher and healer, and welcome the magic of the moment.

What a better place to play with this process than in the forest, or next to the river. One place we love to get all of this is Guitarfish Festival, a hidden gem of an event in California with incredible live banks, beautiful forest, the Yuba river and insanely sweet vibes.

This is where we let our hair down and celebrate some of the best musicians around, from funk to soul.

Handmade Moments, 2018

In reflecting on why we love this event so much, we invite you to ask yourself – Where do you find a sense of freedom? Where do you feel like you can let go? Where do you feel safe to express freely? This feeling might be subtle, but take note of where in your body you feel the word freedom and where in your life you connect to this feeling. May we all have access to a felt sense of freedom within ourselves and across the world. May we continually grow in our ability to support freedom for others and those around us. So if dancing in the forest is where you also feel these moments, we will see you there!