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Into the Creative Fire at Enchanted Forest

September 11, 2016

enchanted forest

In between our international retreats, we love to find inspiration in other types of gatherings that cultivate wellness and healing through yoga, movement and art. Nestled among grand Oak trees with a winding river and an abundance of budding blackberry bushes, Enchanted Forest seeks to inspire just that – conscious living, expression, embodiment and learning. For many, Black Oak Ranch, was home to their first festival and you can feel the celebration and transformation over the years held in the landscape.

Photo By Alyssa Keys Photography.

Photo By Alyssa Keys Photography.

We often find that when immersing ourselves into a festival, we explore nuances and texture within it’s energy. We not only find fire and transformation, but we find deep stillness and awe. Surrounding ourselves with artists seeking to embody their truest, wildest souls, we are invited to pause and just witness and take in beauty. Some of the sweetest moments can come out how we seek balance in the fire; through poignant live violin by HÄANA, river dips, dances under oak trees, late-nite cacao ceremonies and tea, delicious and healthy meals, Kombucha on tap, and a slew of yoga/movement workshops and talks. Among the many incredible musicians and artists, we were deeply moved by the sunrise set by Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali and countless others.

We are always excited to see a collective group of people coming together to move freely, dance wildly and be barefoot. What an honor to participate in such a gathering… We know how many important elements go into establishing a safe space for guests to feel comfortable expressing and we are excited to see how we all continue to grow into what that looks like as a community. Until next time Enchanted Forest, thank you.

Photo By Alyssa Keys Photography.

Photo of Haana By Alyssa Keys Photography.