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Life in the Jungle: Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

January 31, 2016

yoga retreats in costa rica
yoga retreats in costa rica

In the Osa Peninsula, we are surrounded by vibrant life on all sides offering a one-of-a-kind soundtrack to our Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. The gentle sounds of waves on the shore just steps away. The calls of rainbow Macaws overhead, toucans in the trees and monkeys foraging for flowers. The flow of our breath as we move sweetly in a palapa studio with the jungle for walls. The sounds of the kitchen as yet another incredible meal is being prepared.

When we retreat to Costa Rica, we learn deeply from the jungle and from the people that live there. We are offered us a look at how adaptability fosters resilience, how diversity supports growth and how ease is manifested in the story of the landscape. At Boca Sombrero, our days our filled with daily yoga, sunset surfing, hiking to waterfalls, laying by the turquoise pools, climbing trees, napping in hammocks, getting massages on the beach and enjoying incredible meals. Our guests are met with the warmest hospitality and local knowledge, and taken care of with sincere care. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our Jungle Life, on one of the best retreats in Costa Rica with one of our favorite instructors, Gillian St. Clair.

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