costa rica

Nature is the healing force that allows us to reconnect with our spirit. Chanting, yoga, prayer, study, these are all daily practices that keep us grounded, but nature…raw, untouched beauty is the captivator of our soul that acts as an anchor to reconnect our past, which is our intelligence. Your past informs your decisions for your future, which is reset or “re-booted” when we take time to step away from the normal, and submerge ourselves in health, wellness and healing.  For at least a week after I returned from a yoga retreat in Tulum last spring, I heard the sound of the ocean clearly in my mind every day.  I took time each day to close my eyes, sit still, breath and remember the beauty of the ocean that surrounded me the entire vacation.  The water, the colors, the wind, the power, all of it is symbolic to our journey that we take when we go on retreats like this.

The yoga practice only serves as a vehicle to open you to a sweetness inside of you that flows like honey when we tap into that grace with thoughtful sequencing, deep breath, and a laser focus attention to every detail as we move. Luckily, the classes will be designed to elicit this; you won’t need to worry about that part.

Your job is to just show up and let go.

To sign up and see all the juicy detail- please visit yoga-retreat- costa-rica- 2017

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