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Conscious Cooking

November 14, 2019

We are cooking up an incredible retreat with Claire Ragozzino for 2020. Until then we’re happy to share this dellicious post on cultivating gratitude in the Kitchen.

Concious Cooking
A Kitchen Meditation for Cultivating Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude, and the feast is the centerpiece of the experience. It fosters a time where family and friends take pause to share a special meal and give thanks to each other. And in the spirit of gratitude, what if we viewed our Thanksgiving meal as symbol of abundance in our lives, and its preparation became a sacred act of sharing our love.

In Ayurveda, it is said that it is more important how you eat, rather than exactly what you eat. A meal prepared in a loving, peaceful way contains more prana than one that has been prepared in anger or discord. Equally, a meal shared in gratitude has a sattvic effect on the body and mind.  Taking from the old adage “you are what you eat”, wouldn’t you want to eat a meal that promotes inner peace and harmony?

Maya Tiwari says that the two most important ingredients in a meal are love and kindness. So instead of arguing over cranberry relish recipes, try this kitchen meditation as you set out to prepare your family’s feast this year.

  1. Create A Sacred Space

Your kitchen should be a sacred, joyful space! Eliminate any clutter or distractions. Turn off the tv, take out the trash, and wash the dirty dishes – a clean kitchen means a clear mind as you begin to prepare your mindful meal.

  1. Set Your Sankalpa

Craft a loving intention to guide you in the kitchen. If negative emotions are present while cooking, the food will be affected. Watch how you’ll burn a dish when you are feeling angry (too much pitta!). Use your sankalpa as a prayer to infuse into your food while cooking.

  1. Breathe

Before you handle the food, take 5 deep breaths to ground and center yourself.  Conscious breathing helps align you in the present as you begin to cook.

  1. Awaken the Senses

Cooking is a sensory experience. Awaken all five senses in the process. Take pause to notice how fresh ginger feels in your hand before you cut it, the sounds of the oil popping in a hot pan, what the herbs smell like as you slowly sauté them in ghee, and how the colors merge together in the pot to create the perfect sweet and savory stuffing that satisfies every taste bud. 

  1. Practice Presence

From chopping the herbs, to stirring the pot, to the washing the dishes in between, merge completely and presently with each task at hand.  This is true yoga.  Should challenging emotions arise, leave the kitchen and take a pause from your preparation. Allow the emotions to dissolve before returning with ease and attitude of love. Use your sankalpa as a tool for practicing contentment and connection in each moment.

  1. Give Gratitude

As you sit down to serve and enjoy your food, take a moment to give gratitude for all those who’ve had a hand in your meal. Honor the farmer, the truck driver, the grocery store stocker, and all those in between the farm and your table. And at the end of your meal, remember to thank your body for receiving the nourishment you’ve prepared, for gratitude inward and outward is truly the best medicine.

Claire Ragozzino

Claire Ragozzino is a certified yoga instructor, plant-based chef and holistic nutrition educator. She works with clients around the globe to inspire transformational changes in their health and well-being. Her wellness programs are infused with Ayurvedic principles, plant-based nutrition and yogic philosophy to cultivate knowledge for intuitive healing. Explore her seasonally-inspired recipes, workshops and retreats, and coaching programs at