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Colorado Loving

November 3, 2014

Have you been to Colorado yet? It seems that everyone is buzzing about this mountainous state and there are plenty of reasons for this…

Colorado has become a yoga and healing destination for seekers throughout the world! As far back as the 1800’s, Colorado’s clean crisp air, nearly year round sunshine (even with the snow) and high elevation has made it an ideal place for physical healing. In 1870, majority of the nations tuberculosis patients made their way to Colorado Springs to rest and heal in open air sanatoriums at the base of the mountain. Though this isn’t the most glamorous of starts for healing in history, understanding the breadth of that epidemic and the healing offered by the state can help us all understand why we’re drawn there for healing festivals and retreats. Couple the elevation and weather with countless hot springs, endless hiking trails and breathtaking views, Colorado is clearly a place to reconnect with nature in a genuine and healing way.

In recent history, more and more yoga retreats are settling into Colorado mountain towns, including your Yogascapes crew. From Wanderlust to the Hanuman Festival, yogis are flocking to Colorado, bringing yoga practices into this blissful environment and multiplying the healing offered. Yoga in Colorado has it’s own sets of challenges and benefits. Miles above sea level, the air is noticeably thinner in the mountains and body has to draw in full, deep breaths to get the same amount of oxygen as it would down in lower elevations. As oxygen levels fall, pranayama becomes increasingly important as it strengthens the lungs and increases lung capacity so you can draw in more to get the oxygen you need. Pair this with an asana practice, and you’re training your body to tackle any Colorado hiking trail.

Whether you’re a native or just stepping foot in the state, remember all you’ve learned on the mat to breathe deeply and enjoy all the healing that this beautiful state has to offer.

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Writer: Tayla Ealom

Yogini and writer Tayla Ealom is an excited and passionate Bhakti trained yoga teacher freshly relocated to the Bay after 5 years in Los Angeles. Originally from Colorado, she began writing poetry as far back as she can remember and in 2010, published her first collection of poems entitled "Side Notes on the End Table: Thin Wheezings of Humanity." Shortly after, she began her adventure down the road of yoga and healing and hasn't looked back. Connecting her love for the written word with the inspiration she finds from the practices of yoga and meditation, she's dedicated her life and work to building a community that supports one another through true healing, love, laughter, and a little weirdness. Stop by one of her classes to experience excitement, compassion and bad jokes as you sweat, heal, and release. Pop by her website to get a glimpse at her writings and other offerings.