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Spotlight on Boca Sombrero: A Top Retreat Center in Costa Rica

February 9, 2017

costa rica yoga retreat

Every year we make the journey to the beautiful Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to return to one of our absolutely favorite retreat centers in Costa Rica: Boca Sombrero. And every year we fall in love again.

There’s something about being completely surrounding by thriving life and wild jungle that makes your spirit feel alive. Here is a snapshot into why we’re totally obsessed.

costa rica yoga retreat

The Yoga Space

Practicing yoga daily with the sounds and sight of the jungle surrounding you allows you immediately surrender to the nurturing quality of paradise. The waves roll in to the shore just steps away and the bird sing overhead. We practice with the rise and fall of the sun, bringing candles into the studio as the sun sets. We sync to a natural rhythm that resets the mind and body and allows us to release what is not serving us and return to ourselves. We admit we daydream about practicing in this studio when we aren’t there and we’re not afraid to say it.


The Meals

Oh the meals. The meals are beautiful – laid out with banana leaves and tropical flowers, and cooked with such love in front of you. The food is incredibly fresh and colorful in the way that is yet another reflection of the abundance of vibrance surrounding you. Papaya, Mangos, Plantains, Salsa, Carrots… Truly make a feast for the eyes.


The Hospitality

Our hosts at Boca Sombrero are the kind of hosts that you never forget. They care for the space like it is their home and welcome you in with open arms. From the chefs to the main Hostess herself who takes us on a magical waterfall hike (above), everyone at Boca Sombrero is infinitely sweet and make you feel like you want to stay forever.


The Activities & Adventure

From a waterfall hike through the jungle to daily surfing, kayaking and climbing an ancient Strangler Fig tree, the opportunities to explore around Boca Sombrero are absolutely plentiful. We often have to reign ourselves in because laying next to the blue-tiled pools or walking barefoot as far as you can see is just as epic as going after all of the available activities. For those looking for a rejuvenating, inspiring break or for a week of incredible outdoor adventure, our Costa Rica retreat will steal the heart of anyone.

Photos by Ali Kaukas.