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Discover the Beauty of Yoga Retreats

January 13, 2016

I often get the question, “why should I pay more money for your yoga retreat when I can just rent a room some place and take classes with the local instructor for cheaper?”

If you don’t have the budget for one of our retreats then by all means, plan an amazing adventure, go to an affordable place and create your own retreat that gives you what you need for a price that you can afford. We are offering a service that we have to charge for, so we get it. We’re all about that, especially if you have a place you love and a teacher that you are inspired by.

Chances are however, you’re looking for a new place to go and don’t know who the teacher will be at the local studio or what to do when your there. This can be an awesome thing depending on what you’re looking for. But it can also be a recipe for a mediocre trip. The service we are referring to and charging a little extra for is our recipe for an incredible, inspiring, transformational, easeful and extraordinary trip.

Yoga retreats are for people looking to not have to do all the work
We do all the planning, coordinating, hosting, and put years of experience into a schedule/flow that will offer you the maximum amount of time for self growth combined with the maximum amount of time for relaxation and recharging and if you’ve ever gone on a trip and come back more stressed out that when you came, or worried so much about planning that you didn’t get to really enjoy yourself, or found yourself in a place that where only some of the elements were good, then you know that our experience in making sure all the elements are amazing and our offering of doing all the planning and hosting is worth what we charge, and probably more.


Yoga retreats are for people who want to make sure the venue/hotel is amazing
We only work with extraordinary yoga retreat centers.  We want our guests to have that feeling of awe about where they are staying the entire time.  From the staff, to the rooms, to the massage and everything in between we look for authentic places that treat their employees well and treat the environment like it’s precious.


Yoga retreats are for people who want an authentic travel experience
In every destination we seek out the most authentic experiences. We stay away from tourist traps and dive deep into local experiences with amazing people. We love off the beaten path and find so much inspiration in diving into authentic experiences that can open us to new perspectives and possibilities.


Yoga retreats are for people who want a deep connection with nature
We travel to places where life and nature are intertwined in a a beautiful dance.  We want to live life more connected to nature, more in tune with the rhythm of nature and more inspired by nature.  Hiking out the back door, having a beach for a front yard, being surrounded by wildlife, connecting to people who live by the moon and simply nature around every corner is what we offer our participants.



Yoga retreats are for people who want to have an amazing yoga experience

The way that a week long yoga experience unfolds with the same teacher who is specifically there for that one week to offer you the most incredible yoga experience you can get far outweighs the way in which going to a single class at a retreat center can affect you.


When you are on a retreat the teacher is designing a program that will unfold each day. The teacher gets to know you and therefore allows them to help you deepen your practice. When you’re just going to a la carte classes, you don’t know what the quality of the teacher is which means if you’re a beginner, you might not be getting taken care of with the care that you deserve and if you’re an advanced practitioner you might be very overwhelmed.

bali yoga retreat

Yoga retreats are for people who want amazing, delicious food.
When you’re on retreat with us food is high priority we put a lot of energy in love into creating healthy and delicious meals and it’s so nice to be served every day at the same time with all of your new friends. When you’re on own, you have to think about how much you’re spending and you’re not always able to find healthy organic meals.



We serve people who want to be part of an amazing community while they travel
I will let you in on a little secret. The most impactful thing that takes place on a yoga retreat isn’t the yoga. It isn’t eating healthy food prepared by someone else with love for a week. It isn’t waking up to the sound of the ocean or sleeping under the stars. It isn’t the incredible adventures you’ll have along the way or how your body will feel after giving it love for an entire week or taking a vacation for the first time in years. Hands down, people leave most inspired by the community that is created by other travelers, by the safe space that is held by everyone that allows people to remove their masks, reveal who they truly are and be all the more admired for it. On every trip we do, even though no one knows who will show up or even why they are here, they leave being blown away by the kindness, playfulness, openness and love that the other travelers offer and transformed by the way in which they are held by these new friends.

Ben Crosky

Ben has hosted multiple yoga retreats in around the world and is always refining YOGASCAPES yoga retreats to offer participants the most powerful, transformative and rejuvenating retreats around the world. He loves traveling alone, but when looking for a truly unique and authentic journey nothing compares to yoga retreats.