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Celebrate Your Spring: Awaken Balance & Embrace Lightness this Season

March 4, 2019

Inspired by the season, our Spring retreats evoke warmth, balance, inspiration and growth.

After the darkness of winter, the abundance of the water element in Spring can be experienced as heaviness, sadness and lethargy. We have the daily opportunity to notice where we feel this weight and make space for practices that connect us to the lightness and growth also present in spring. As rains soak the Earth and seeds begin to awaken in the soil, these waters offering a sense of new beginnings, inner potential and celebration. Observing how we feel and learning how to show up to our own ever-changing alchemy of balance is an art of presence, deep listening and self-love. Join us on retreat this Spring in cultivate balance and celebrate the sweet invitation for blossoming.



YOGASCAPES returns to Northern California with Sara Hess and Matt Champoux for a weekend retreat of deep, playful and therapeutic yoga surrounded by redwoods and gardens! Matt explains “being there to receive ‘nature’s medicine’. Just being in nature – walking from our beautiful cabins to the yoga space, to the dining hall, and through the gardens – allows our nervous systems to recalibrate as we breathe into our being is part of a whole web of energetic networks. Ecosystems are how nature orders herself at various echelons. For us, going into nature is like doing a hard reboot on a computer/device that’s acting glitchy: When we get back to our being-ness as part of nature, all of what/who we are functions better.”


SICILY // May 12-18, 2019

Find warmth and inspiration in Italian paradise in Sicily with Kate Von Horn this May. On this Mediterranean retreat, Kate will lead the way into radical self-acceptance and self-love. Her teaching incorporates elements of Hatha and creative Vinyasa, with an emphasis on clearing and releasing stagnancy from the energy body.

MOROCCO // May 12-19, 2019

Our Morocco Retreat with Kerry Kelly is an absolutely vibrant place to embrace creative inspiration, wonder and exploration. Set in majestic Sahara Desert is our magical Desert Tented Camp Adounia and Moroccan Berber team, waiting to welcome you with mint tea and Moroccan food. Camel rides in the Sahara desert is an experience of a lifetime. Saharan nights are special, starting with an amazing desert sunset over the sand dunes, followed by delicious Moroccan food and finishing with a spectacular view of the milky way galaxy. Get a glimpse into this adventure here.

Morocco Wellness Retreat

JOSHUA TREE // May 17-19, 2019

Find warmth and magic in the desert of Joshua Tree with Molly Jo and YOGASCAPES this May. There’s a one-of-a-kind beauty to be found here, and it keeps pulling us back. Daily yoga will open our bodies and relax our minds as we step out of the city and into the wilderness. With our mats on the earth, we cultivate spaciousness and breath, reminding ourselves that when we return to nature we return to ourselves.

joshua tree yoga retreat

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