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  • lauren lee bali yoga retreat

    Life as a Sacred Offering

    Devotion is when we commit with loyalty and love to a person, experience or cause. It’s when we live with purpose and intention so our energy pours from a place […]

  • lauren lee yoga retreat

    Innate Abundance

    What are the ways in which you are abundant right now? I ask myself this question often throughout my days…Especially in moments of doubt, fear or overwhelm, this question can […]

  • lauren lee yoga retreat

    The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

    A yoga retreat is a unique experience which supports us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While there are many benefits to yoga retreats, the following five reasons are what keeps […]

  • Lauren Lee Bali Yoga Retreat

    3 At Home Yoga Classes from Lauren Lee

    We are honored to collaborate with Lauren Lee, a wonderful teacher “dedicated to sharing holistic practices that alchemize the body and mind to expand the heart.” Lauren believes that yoga […]

  • bali retreat

    On Retreat with Lauren Lee

    As our Bali Retreat with Lauren Lee approaches, discover what is means to be on retreat with her: Local and international retreats led with integrity and soul. Retreats are magical […]