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Innate Abundance

November 30, 2018

lauren lee yoga retreat

What are the ways in which you are abundant right now?

I ask myself this question often throughout my days…Especially in moments of doubt, fear or overwhelm, this question can feel like a life preserver, helping me swim through the depths of the waves of my human mind.

Often, my answers come in the simplest forms…almost immediately I’ll pause to reflect and gratitude arises as I’m reminded to breath in the fresh air more deeply, and open my eyes to clearly see the beauty of nature all around me.

Suddenly, these simple realizations help me find the surface of the waters of my mind, and I float — buoyant and free, awakening to the light of my own awareness as the sun shines on me.

When we look for the good, we send signals to the Universe that we have full trust in it’s infinite capacity to support us and deliver the opportunities (relationships, projects, experiences) we are ready to receive.

Living with this perspective also brings us deeper into our emotional bodies so we feel more — opening us up to experience more joy!

I believe that the success of our Sadhana is measured by our state of happiness.

And practicing gratitude is one of the fastest ways to bring us back to our innate essence, a place of pure unconditional abundance and connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Practices of mindfulness, prayers and affirmations, expressing our creativity and spending time with Soul tribe are all ways to bring this energy in our lives.

Abundance comes in all ways to us, sometimes more obvious than others, however if we become attuned enough to hear, see and feel the teeny seeds of intention the Universe throws our way, often they will spout into the blossoming flowers, bearing fruits for many generations to come.

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