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8 Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

May 16, 2016

Oh, summer — the perfect season for relaxing at the beach, hiking a mountain, and stepping up your yoga practice. While it’s certainly a season of fun, it’s also easy to feel out of balance in the heat and humidity of the season.

According to Ayurveda, Pitta dosha dominates the season. Pittas are known for being fiery, passionate, creative, and driven. When they are out of balance, they can be manic, excessive, angry, and hostile. You don’t need to be of Pitta deposition to feel out of balance in the season. Dosha actually means “imbalance,” so we all carry a little bit of the element within us. While this season begins around late June/early July, it really corresponds with the increase of heat, so it’s never too early to get ready for the season

Use these tips to feel good this summer and embrace any adventure your summer may take you on.

8 Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

1. Eat Pitta Balancing Foods

To balance Pitta, eat leafy greens, coconuts, cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelon, yogurt, milk, pasta, potatoes, popcorn, corn and ghee. Add cilantro, parsley, and alfalfa sprouts to your dishes.

Avoid hot drinks, alcohol, caffeine, chilies, and other spicy food. You may also want to avoid sour foods.

2. Stay Hydrated

Summer is code for drink water constantly, so be sure to keep water on hand wherever your summer travels take you. Finish your glass? Why not have another.

3. Practice Cooling Poses and Breath Exercises

Feeling the heat? Open your mouth, roll out your tongue into a tube and begin inhaling through your tube aka practice Sheetal breath.

You may also want to try Trikonasana or Ardha Matsyendrasana, both great cooling poses for summer.

4. Massage Your Skin

Grab hold of your sesame or coconut oil to lubricate and replenish dry skin this summer. You can also lightly cook petals of a lotus, rose, marigold or water lily for an extra dose of cool.

5. Sleep Outside, Under the Stars or in a Tent

Ready to salute the stars? Take advantage of the cooling effect of the moon in the summer by sleeping out in the open with minimal clothes and embrace the moon’s rays.

6. Practice Cooling Exercises

It’s hot outside, no need to take a run. Instead, go for a cooling swim or take a yin yoga class to invite in cooling elements.

7. Take a Nap

In summer, Ayurveda recommends daytime napping to replenish moisture in the body and to increase strength. Be sure to keep naps short and sweet — no longer than 30 minutes.

You can also feel free to extend your bedtime to 11 p.m. throughout the summer season.

8. Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Daily Routine

Dab one drop of sandalwood essential oil on your temples, eyebrow center, throat center (at the hollow of the throat), wrists, and belly button. According to subtle ayurvedic principles, your whole aura will be charged with a sweet fragrance that pacifies pitta.

Stock up on sandalwood this summer and dap it on your temples, third eye, throat center, wrists, and even your bellybutton. According to Ayurveda, your aura will be charged and your Pitta pacified.

What’s your number one self-care tip for summer? Please share below!


Living every single day for the mat, Sara is a yoga teacher, a published yoga writer and storyteller, an innovative yoga marketer, a YOGANONYMOUS and YOGASCAPES editor, and a dedicated yoga student.

Sara strives to live from the connection of her head and her heart and encourages her students and clients to do the same by motivating them to step into their full powerful purpose through the transformational magic of yoga.

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