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7 Tips for a Grounded and Relaxed Vacation

June 23, 2016

Ready for the holiday season to begin? Treat yourself into a grounded vacation with these nurturing tips.

What’s the first thing you do when arriving at your holiday destination? Do you dump your bags on the bed and head straight for the beach? Have you read through all the blogs with “best secret beaches” and “favorite local restaurants” beforehand?

Summer is the ultimate season to enjoy all that mother earth has to offer; the warming sun, the cooling sea, wild nature, being outdoors, festivals, late-night dinners, gatherings with friends and loved-ones. However, Summer is also the ultimate moment to get out of balance. With the sun peaking high, the energy strongly directed outward, short nights and so much to see, do, and experience.

Apply these tips for a grounded holiday, and watch as you find a fun, yet stabilizing, getaway flow.

1. Your home

We yogi’s know that our real home is inside of ourselves. Still, it’s worth bringing something personal from from your altar to make your holiday lodging feel like home. Choose something that gives you a positive feeling. Think of a crystal, picture, incense holder or small statue.

2. Your space

Avoid dumping your bag on the floor right as you enter the room. Your bag wants to be unpacked as soon as possible. Take your time to settle in and you’ll be done before you know it. Also, consider taking some time to connect with the space you’re staying in. Observe, breathe, be, make it your own. This makes you feel calm and tidied.

3. Your surroundings

See, smell, hear. On the first day go for a walk in the surrounding area of your accommodation. How does it feel? How does it smell? What do you see and hear? What stands out? Take your time, sit on that stone, lie on the ground, breathe, have a chat.

On your walk, pick some of the natural elements, like a flower, stone, or shel, and give them a special place in your room. A single flower in a glass can instantly influence the energy of a room.

4. Your nature

Nature is cheaper than therapy. Ayurveda recommends spending time in nature each day, as it allows you to experience healing, soothing energy. Breathe in deeply, let go, observe your natural state of being. Allow yourself to simply be, feel, merge with your surroundings.

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