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6 Ways Being in Nature Rewires Your Brain

October 2, 2015

Are you stuck in your office constantly and spend most of your free time at home?

Do you even remember the last time you went out of the city? Maybe now is the right time to go and spend some time in nature. Trips like this have many benefits for both your physical and emotional health. What you are surrounded by does not only affect you mind but your body as well. That is why you should make a change from time to time and spend a few peaceful days in nature.

6 Ways Being in Nature Rewires Your Brain

1. It improves sleep

Stressful everyday life and constant hurry can affect your sleeping habits. The pattern according to which we are sleeping is regulated by circadian rhythm. Naturally, this rhythm is connected to the sun’s schedule. When you spend much time away from the natural light, that rhythm tends to get out of balance.

Spending a few days out in nature can be the right time to get your sleeping habits back in order. Being exposed to sunlight early in the morning is believed to help when you are trying to achieve healthy sleeping habits.

2. It boosts your immune system

When you are out in the fresh air, surrounded by trees, you are breathing in phytoncides. Those are airborne chemicals that plants use as a means of protection against insects. They have a positive effect in fighting off the diseases such as tumors. This is because they have antibacterial and antifungal qualities. All of this boosts your immune system and helps in protecting your body from any other type of diseases.

3. It makes you exercise

Hardly can you go out without making some effort. So even a light walk in nature is a form of exercise. When you are enjoying the nature you will most likely go for a walk or find some other interesting activity you can do outside. These walks are the opposite of sitting which is something that has a negative effect on your health. Sitting too much can lead to increased blood pressure and a shortened life span. Nature will most likely get you going and doing some exercise (for example walking or jogging in the woods).

4. It helps you reduce stress

Just looking at a picture of a forest can help you reduce stress. Being in one will definitely help you get rid of all the stress in your system. Such ambience is helpful as it makes you release hormones called cortisol and adrenaline both of which are stress-related. Too much stress can lead to many other mental problems such as depression, anxiety and fatigue syndrome. Spending some time in nature presents quite a rest for your mind. Physical activity is also connected to the stress you are carrying. Once you get rid of it, you‘ll feel stronger and keen on doing some other activities in nature.

5. It helps you focus

If you decide to go and spend some time in nature, you’re probably taking a break from a busy life in the city. Jobs, exams, schools and family life may be exhausting and will drain you mentally. Such phenomenon is called Directed Attention Fatigue and is caused by focusing on so many things at the same time during a longer period of time. Being in nature and looking at the trees, lakes and sky can help you recharge and get enough energy to get back to all of those things once you are back in the city. The best way to recharge is to spend some time at a spiritual retreat, where you can forget all the problems you might have at home.

6. It helps you recover from a surgery

Many people who have undergone certain surgeries choose to spend some recovery time in nature. They feel less stressful and feel less pain in such ambience. A recent research has shown that patients who choose to recover in nature take fewer painkillers and have fewer postsurgical complications than those who choose to stay in a hospital or at home. The above-mentioned impact of nature on your immune system will also play an important role in your process of recovery.

It’s time to take a little break and recharge your batteries. There is no better place for this than nature. Trees and fresh air are just what you need if you are looking to improve either your emotional or your physical health.

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Neil Adams is a health enthusiast from Sydney, a writer who is passionate about
providing others with useful health and lifestyle tips. He writes for a number of blogs but his anchor is at
Living Valley Springs blog.