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6 Natural Highlights of Colombia

August 26, 2017


We picked our home, Gitana del Mar, in Colombia because it is located amidst stunning and iconic Caribbean beauty, where indigenous cultures protection the sacred land around them for hundreds of years. By being here and immersing ourself in this nature, we sink into a deeper knowing of what it means to honor nature that offers so much to us. We find grounding while hiking through jungle and savoring delicious relaxation on the beaches, which allows us to step into ourselves more deeply. We learn to integrate the ritual of connecting with ourselves through getting outside daily. In an area is called “The Heart of the World”, this is the perfect place for such discovery. Find out why this nature is so powerful:

Parque Nacional Tayrona

Paradise? Yes please! One of Colombia’s most visited national parks, it lays along the coastline of the Sierra Nevadas. The picturesque sandy beaches with coconut palms, diverse rainforests and arid cacti-spotted hills cover about 12,000 hectares of land and 3,000 of seascape. The hills hold ancient stories of cultures living with the land and dwelling in connection with the earth. Visiting this park is a humble reminder of how long people have been building lives together and exploring what it means to sync with the natural resources around them. The beaches are serene, but the currents are strong, reminding visitors to trek lightly and listen to the strength of the land around.

Coconut Palm Beaches


Photo #ashlivin @livspark

Who doesn’t dream of being on that iconic desktop beach with beach chairs, a few coconut palm trees and bright blue water? Look no further; we’ve found a home near unspoiled white beaches where those beachy dreams can come true… the perfect place to relax and soak up some rays.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains

This mountain range is incredible, but of course, because it is the world’s highest coastal mountain range. These mountains are a source for over 30 rivers, bringing fresh water to forests and beings below. They provide an absolutely epic backdrop for the surrounding areas and offers plenty of hiking and exploration.

Fresh Water Rivers Meeting the Ocean

Three rivers run from the mountains to the beach here, offering a unique oasis with incredible scenery and adventure. Ancient communities undoubtably were nourished by these rivers and protected them, as sacred sources of life.

Unique Biodiversity

The diversity here is one of the qualities that make the ecosystem resilient and awe-inspiring. In this area, you can find wetlands, mangroves, tropical rain forests, desert, alpine tundra and snow-capped mountains. There are thousands of species of plans and animals, some which only exist here. In the Mountains alone, seven species of hummingbirds can be found. To fully feel how special this area is, you must experience it for yourself.