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5 Yoga Retreats to Ignite Your Inner Foodie This Fall

July 27, 2016

Travel — you’re not doing it right if you are not trying as much local, cultural food as possible. That’s why we try to integrate healthy, delicious, and unique foods in every yoga retreat we hold.

Take a look at our five best retreats for foodies this fall, and then join us for the one that makes your taste buds most excited.


1. FP Escapes Yoga Retreat in Spain

When: Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 2016

Where: Andalusia, Spain

Teachers: Mischa Varmuza and Maggie Harrsen

What You’ll Get to Eat: Looking to embrace your inner foodie? Look no further than Andalusia! Here you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of delicious, local cusine including gazpacho (raw vegetable soup, served cold), fried fish (pescaito frito), pestiños (a deep-fried pastry bathed in honey), alfajores, amarguillos (a form of almond macaroons) from Medina Sidonia, the polvorones (almond cookies of Estepa), lard bread, wine doughnuts, torrijas and Calentitos.

You’ll also get to indulge in all kinds of tapas, and plenty of wine — including the wines of Jerez, particularly sherry!

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monestevole food

2. Heart of Italy Yoga Retreat

When: Oct. 2–8, 2016

Where: Monestevole Farm in Umbria, Italy

Teacher: Dana Rizer

What You’ll Get to Eat: Foodies, you know that Italy’s been at the top of your list and at Monestevole, you’ll be able to learn to make your own bread and pasta that’ll have you taste buds smiling for years to come. Here, you’ll also be able to enjoy eat eat together with the farm’s beautiful community as you indulge in a glass of red wine. Food is grown locally, deep in Umbrian traditions, rich in culinary knowledge. If you eat meat, the meats are grass fed from the Umbertide valley; the pork, wine, extra virgin olive oil, jams, tomato sauce, and veggies are all from Monestevole’s permaculture gardens. Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, always! The farm also grows farro and legumes to make whole grain bread and pasta and make essences with fresh lavender for our home-made soaps and creams.

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3. Yoga Retreat in Umbria

When: Oct. 8–15, 2016

Where: Locanda del Gallo in Umbria, Italy

Teacher: Gina Caputo

What You’ll Get to Eat: October is the perfect time to visit Umbria – It’s time for harvesting olives and grapes— all of which are incorporated into mouthwatering, Umbrian food. We’ll stay at Locanda del Gallo, a beautiful country bed and breakfast where you’ll indulge in organic tomatoes, salad leaves and vegetables from the kitchen garden. You’ll savor olive oil from the olive grove, aromatic herbs from the garden, yogurt, cakes and home-made bread. In the finest traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, everything is natural, everything is genuine.

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4. Magical Marrakesh Yoga Retreat

When: Oct. 23–29, 2016

Where: The Fellah Hotel, in between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountain

Teacher: Rebecca Jo

What You’ll Get to Eat: Everyone who’s been to Morocco knows that its food is one of its many assets. The Fellah Hotel contains a multitude of healthy vegetarian food and traditional Moroccan plates, created with produce from the garden. Friends sit around and enjoy the blend of delicious local and modern meals while savoring the freshest ingredients around.

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5. FP Escapes Yoga Retreat in the Berkshires

When: Oct. 27–30, 2016

Where: Earthdance in Plainfield, MA

Teacher: Claire Ragozzino

What You’ll Get to EatEver wanted to explore the Ayurvedic kitchari diet? On this retreat, we will nourish the body with ancient herbs and fresh local produce as we balance our doshas. Additionally, we’ll adopt a morning dinacharya routine, each attendee receiving a personalized cleanse kit to accompany them throughout the process.

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Hope to eat with you on our travels soon!