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5 Ways Yoga Retreats Are Like Summer Camp For Grown Ups

August 30, 2017

Yoga retreats are distinguished from other getaways by their inherent intention for spiritually inspiring experiences and conscious-raising environments, both socially and geographically. Aside from this invitation to toy with our metaphysical nature, yoga retreats give us the opportunity to toy around with new friends, in beautiful places, with inspiring leaders.

1. Scheduled Play Time: Any successful summer camp structures the daily activity schedule with playtime – a welcomed break to blow off steam and let out some pent up energy. Some retreats will have more playtime than others but they all will have blocks of time for you to enjoy the local culture or to venture off on your own however you find pleasing.

2. Chance to Make Friends Instantly: When we were children, circumstances made it nearly impossible to go it alone. School, sports, hobbies and even the neighborhood playground provided circumstantial limits that made bonding easier. As adults, this can be tough with work and domestic obligations. Retreats, though, place us in a small group of people with clear common interests and intentions! You know you’re in a group of your ilk when you arrive to your retreat center – everyone will be attracted to the same destination, the same kind of adventure and the subject matter. This makes it easier to start conversations, share in the scheduled activities and to delve beyond the surface of polite chitchat because everyone has signed on for the same intentional experience!

3. Respite From Your Normal Grind: Okay, maybe you got sent to camp because your parents actually needed respite from you…but, summer camp also gave us time away from our school cliques and daily routines. There’s plenty of evidence to show that changing our routines and getting exposure beyond our norm is healthy. This kind of temporary distance can provide the breathing room to come back recharged or to observe places in our habit patterns that need to be changed in order to bring about more happiness. It can also help us to appreciate those things and people that we might take for granted – distance (sometimes) makes the heart grow fonder!

4. Role Modeling: Camps always had hierarchy structures and we all know that whether consciously or not, some of the older counselors were the role models we used to understand how to be better friends, nicer bunkmates, stronger athletes or less sore losers. You might choose your yoga retreat for the destination or the culture, but another benefit to going on retreat is the time spent with the resident retreat leader who will embody the guidance, help or wisdom that you may be seeking.

5. “You” Time All the Time: Summer camps, regardless of how well this was ever actually executed, are intended to provide a fun and safe environment for us to enjoy in the off-season of our normal life. On retreat, every item on the schedule is meant to entertain us, nourish us, help us to learn and grow, and to ultimately allow us to leave the retreat as a better, more activated version of our best self.

While there may be less water slides and dodgeball games, yoga retreats [like pluggity plug plug] are one incredible way to have all the fun with all the accouterments of a spiritually-driven, adult life.