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5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Creativity

July 8, 2015

Picture the scene.

The sun is beaming down onto freshly tanned skin somewhere in the South of France. The only noise that can be heard is the chirping of the crickets and the occasional croak from the territorial frog in the neighbours pond. I landed in France no less than 24 hours ago, ready for one whole week of nothing but relaxation, good books and even better food. I’ve spent the last six hours trying tone down my buzzing brain, collect my thoughts and bring my mind into the “Now,” which is easier said than done.

As it turns out, in between eating organic tomatoes drizzled in the richest olive oil and knocking back freshly ground French coffee, the best way to boost creativity it to give yourself a break from it. As I sit staring out onto the rolling French countryside my mind whirls with ideas; great recipes, a new exercise technique, the ideal blog post and the perfect wall colour for that dream kitchen.

So, the next time you’re boss is pushing you to complete that creative brief or you’re stuck for ideas on your latest blog post try one of these tips to get your creative juices flowing.

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Creativity

1. Completely forget about the end result:

You know you have to have that award-winning idea ready to present to your client first thing Monday morning, your boss is breathing down your neck and it’s all you can think about but for some reason all your ideas seem flat and weak. It’s time to stop thinking about the end result.

Focusing solely one step one will make the whole creative process seem less daunting. Maybe step one is either the title, the color scheme or the first ingredient. Once you have step one nailed you’ll find steps two, three and four flow a lot easier.

2. Do something completely separate from the task at hand 

Go for a run and focus on just one step at a time.You subconscious will still be processing the creative ideas without your knowledge. That light bulb moment will come a lot sooner once you’ve switched off. My favorite way to do this is with color therapy (it’s the latest trend). You can buy a ready-made blank picture to color or paint. It gets your mind to focus on the task at hand and engages different areas of your brain. The perfect formula for creativity!

3. Quiet your mind

You’re racking your brains for a great idea and you’re short of time, surely the last thing you should be doing is sitting still? Wrong. Quietening your mind to an almost meditative state provides the perfect environment for fresh new thoughts.

Ever wondered why your best ideas came to you when you were most relaxed? Your brain needs to be still in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

All together now, Ommmmm.

4. Get creative elsewhere

You need to engage with your creative brain so you need to get creative in a relaxed environment. Great ideas don’t just happen, they take work, so instead of trying to force something mediocre it’s time to get creative elsewhere. Whip up your favourite meal in the kitchen whilst experimenting with new ingredient or get outside and take some pictures of your favourite locations. These engaging creative tasks that you love doing will soon have you pumped about creating new ideas. 

5. Talk it out: ever put the world to rights over a glass of vino with your close friends, only to find you’ve gained a new perspective at the end of it? Seeing the world through someone else’s eyes can help you put a new spin on an old idea. Crack open the chateauneuf du pape, invite some friends over and enlighten them on all your crazy ideas. Their insight might just be the icing on your creative cake.

The common theme throughout here is that your mind needs to be clear and relaxed in order to create great things. So the next time you jet off to paradise for a much needed mental reboot, just remember to pack your notebook.

Photo Cred: Lauren Finkel

Sarah Later