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5 Ways to Find Grounding & Sense of ‘Home’ While Traveling

January 14, 2016

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In the past five years, I have called four different countries home and traveled to dozens of others.

My chosen career as an international development worker, combined with my passion for travel and adventure spurs a range of reactions from friends and family ranging from bewildered to inspired. Some call it crazy; I call it wanderlust.

In any new place, I experience moments of joy and then days of sorrow. There are days where I am enriched and enthused by the newness and days where I am bogged down by the unfamiliarity. What keeps me sane is finding a sense of “home” in every new place.

So, what is home for the wandering nomad? And how can we find peace, serenity and self-love amidst it all? Here are my suggestions for practices that will ground you in places where you have no roots.

5 Ways to Find Grounding & Sense of ‘Home’ While Traveling

1. Practice yoga.

Yoga brings you back to your breath and helps connect you to your new physical space. My yoga mat travels everywhere with me, and when it rolls out onto the floor I feel grounded; I feel a sense of home.

2. Cook a feast.

Cooking calms the spirit and can even be a meditative process.   Meals you cook in new places create smells and senses that flood you with comfort and satisfaction. Invite new friends over for a meal and make memories to fill the room when no one else is around.

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Geneva has lived in Melbourne for 2.5 years (the longest stint in one place in her adult life) and she is determined to keep the wanderlust spirit alive by continuing local and international adventures with her husband and daughter, Marley. In her spare time you will find Geneva on the mat at her local studio or plotting her next outdoor escapade or international adventure.