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5 Tips for Traveling Yogis

December 3, 2014

Authored by Leah Dockstader

As we follow our bright senses of adventure on across time zones, we let our inner explorers take the wheel. To take care of our bodies and ensure we can support that open mind and open heart as we travel, we have to find ways of staying grounded and building resilience. Here are just a few of the many tips that have helped us:

1. Herbal remedies

Even though TSA might be skeptical of your ultra yogi health pack, just fill them in on these restorative secrets of Chinese medicine. To increase resilience to stress, we can refer to the ever-popular Ginseng and the more recently spotlighted Ashwaganda. Both will encourage preventative support of the nervous system, while Oats and Skull cap can help restore the nervous system and reduce anxiety or tension. If we’re looking for an immune and adrenal boost, Astragalus is another great option. Some of these will be best taken as a tea, while others will be best suited as tinctures diluted in water. Of course, always do your own research, consult a health practitioner and listen to your body.

2. Go Easy on the coffee

You know the feeling of jet lag. That foggy haze where you’re not sure if your tired, or hungry, or awake and you’re trying to play catch up with the sun. Each of our cells has internal clocks that have a rhythm that tells them when it’s time to be in energizing mode or when to be doing in house-restoration. When we take our bodies into different time zones, it can be a few days before our body adjusts. These clocks need to reset, and we can help them do that. While coffee helps us stay up, it is a false cue that forces the body to remain awake instead of letting ourselves adjust gently. We each have our own styles though, so all you coffee fanatics might have just skipped #3 altogether. If you’re going to stay up and drink coffee, at least help yourself our with some calming tea before bed. Consider Valerian root, Chamomile, or Kava as a few options.

3. Keep a blog or journal

As we explore, learn, and live abroad, keeping a daily journal can be very grounding. Our welcome adventures can bring with them a lack of routine. Writing can bring some of that consistency back to keep us sane, and blogs are a great way to keep you connected to family back home and document your travels.

4. Do your research. And then forget it

It’s always a good call to read up on the destination you are visiting and familiarize yourself with the culture. Little things such as, learning a few words in the local language or reading up on the culture, can bring serious expansion to your ability to connect. Of course, one of the most important aspects of traveling is being open to the people and adventures that come your way and a strict of an adherence to a plan can get in the way of this sweet freedom which got you on the plane in the first place.

5. It’s yoga time

Just because you’re not down the street from your usual yoga studio doesn’t mean your yoga practice needs to disappear. Even if you can get some sandy yoga or a 15 minute meditation in on the beach, you will keep building the memory of your practice into your body. We also love YogaGlo, Gaiam Tv, and My Yoga Works for amazing online yoga classes. And of course, we think yoga retreats are the perfect ways to explore incredible destinations while deepening your practice.
Let the adventures begin!