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5 Reasons to Visit Al Natural Resort in Panama for a Yoga Retreat

September 11, 2016

Between jungle and sea, Al Natural Resort is a comfortable and private retreat, perfectly integrated into the lush tropical environment — and it’s also the perfect place for a yoga retreat.

The resort is located on the secluded beach of Old Point (Punta Vieja), on the southeast tip of Bastimentos Island in an area renowned for its natural beauty right across from the Zapatillas Keys of the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro.

It elegantly combines the ancestral craftmanship of the Ngobe-Bugle Indians with new technologies that allow us to harvest energy from the sun and limit our impact on the ecosystem. the resort is situated on a small secluded beach far from Bocas town, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation and close to the natural wonders of Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. It’s also an authentic eco-resort with a relax atmosphere — the ideal beachside getaway for yogis. We cannot wait to visit Al Natural this winter with Gillian St. Clair.

5 Reasons to Visit Al Natural Resort in Panama for a Yoga Retreat


1. It’s the perfect place to embrace your sense of adventure.

Ready to try something new? At Al Natural, you can kayak and snorkel the reefs just in front of your bungalow by using the sit-on kayaks and the snorkel equipment of the resort. Corals are also accessible by swimming from the beach. Also, you can discover by yourself the nearby mangrove rivers and the Indian village of Salt Creek by kayak.

In addition, you can get your surf on or try stand-up paddleboarding in the lagoon.

When you’re not splashing in the sea, you’ll join the group for a jungle trek — you may even spot night monkeys, white face monkeys, Jesus Chris lizards, sloth, caimans as well as many birds.


2. Indulge your inner foodie.

If you’re planning on visiting Al Natural, be sure to bring your appetite.

After beginning the day by flowing breath to movement, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast array with fresh tropical fruits, coconut, healthy cereals, freshly squeezed o.j., eggs cooked to your liking, locally baked breads, marmalades, cheese, and of course, great Panamean ground coffee.

After you work up your appetite again by enjoying a healthy dose of adventure, you will enjoy a wholesome lunch, with international flavors, which could consist of different salads, middle eastern falafel and tzataziki sauce, Mexican quesadillas with fresh guacamole and Spanish tortillas, just to name a few. All meals are served with homemade bread freshly baked & natural fruit juices, such as maracuya (passion fruit) and lemonade. Umm… yes please!

Following more fun or deep relaxation, you’ll savor a three-course dinner surrounded by brightly lit candles and soft music. The meal will consist of Creole and Belgian flavors followed by a mouthwatering desert of local fruit, shredded coconut, organic cacao, and local rum.

3. Experience quiet nights in the bungalow.

At Al Natural, enjoy quiet nights in the bungalow which open to the sea, right on the beach. They provide occupants with uninterrupted views of the water and surrounding flora and fauna.

The front part of the bungalow is open to the sea and the back is enclosed with 3/4 high walls. If you want to close the bungalows, it is very easy as they are equipped with canvas curtains. All beds have orthopedic mattresses and custom-made no see-um mosquito nettings. All bungalows are equipped with a hammock, reading chairs and a coffee table, as well as a locker and a safe for valuables.

Each bungalow is unique, and is composed of a terrace, private bathroom with hot and cold water, good lighting powered by a 12 volt solar powered electrical system. The exclusive features of the Superior bungalows are one King size bed, a very efficient ceiling fan and a wooden lounge chair.


4. Take your yoga and AcroYoga practice to a new level.

Yoga lovers, take your practice deeper in Panama.

There is an open room with panoramic views to the jungle and the water above the large dining room where yoga classes will be conducted. This is a great place which can accommodate the entire. The room is equipped with sound and is also perfect to have meetings or conduct dance classes or exercise workshops.

On this particular retreat, we will join Gillian St. Clair for yoga and AcroYoga, and we will sink into more understanding, alignment, depth, and authenticity within ourselves and our practice.


5. Surround yourself by beauty, peace, and healing. 

Staying far away from home, in the quiet and relaxing beach front bungalows offers the perfect way to reconnect to the wonders of nature. In Al Natural, you’ll have the space to deeply heal, meditate and soak up the beauty that surrounds you while being completely infused in everything Mother Nature has to offer us.

Sound like a dream? Join us on our Panama Unplugged Yoga Retreat with Gillian St. Clair this February 26–March 4, 2017. Learn more and book now!

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