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5 Reasons to Practice SUP Yoga

February 25, 2016

What if there was an experience that could forever change our life?

Something outside of the box, unique, combining two activities that promote a healthy active lifestyle? Let these five reasons be the encouragement to take that first step into the unknown.

5 Reasons to Practice SUP Yoga

1. Explore the unknown.

New to yoga, SUP or both, perfect. SUP yoga is an amazing way to open our world to the endless possibilities that exist in both these user-friendly activities. The communities are welcoming and SUP yoga is for any ability level. Poses are modified and the goal is to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while embarking on a life-changing experience.

2. Leave your  comfort zone.

What are our fears? The water, falling, judgment by others, the possibilities of not being great at something the first time? Embrace these fears and let them fuel the pursuit to trying something extraordinary. Each time we challenge ourselves we grow, we become stronger.

3. Connect with nature.

Practicing outside the studio walls allows us to be in the most natural setting. The sounds of nature are real, the water we float upon is real and the connection becomes one only feelings can describe. Since we are comprised of over 70 percent water, we resonate with water and the connection becomes something magical. It will be an experience that inspires us to listen to the breath and become in tune with our surroundings.

4. Let go.

SUP yoga encourages us to let go of trying to be in control of every situation. Our boards will drift away, our neighbors will bump us, the wind will move us and if we just let go, we will practice peacefully. If we fight the outside influences, we will spend the time paddling in circles and not practicing. This teaches us to be present and allow whatever is greater than us to guide us to where we need to be.

5. Savasana.

The closing of the practice is the most peaceful, surreal experience. When we allow ourselves to fully surrender and let nature be our guide, the experience is unparalleled. The songs from the birds, the splashing of the water, they are sounds we replicate indoors. But here in the floating studio, we are in a concert with nature as the symphony.

Come experience the SUP practice for yourself on our Greece Yoga Retreat this May 21–28, 2016. Cannot wait to see you there!

Jeramie Vaine is a Professional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Athlete, CorePower Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga certified instructor, SUP Yoga Instructor and WPA Level 2 SUP Instructor. In 2011, he was introduced to both SUP and Yoga, where a love for a healthy, active lifestyle was born. He has been given the opportunity to share his knowledge of the benefits of SUP and Yoga by traveling to Yoga Festivals, SUP events, races and hosting clinics. Jeramie has taught at Wanderlust Festival's, SUP Trainings, SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshops, classes and clinics throughout North America. Jeramie’s vision is to expose Yoga, SUP and SUP Yoga to everyone he meets, with hope to add to or encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.