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5 Reasons to Experience a Magical Marrakech Yoga Retreat

June 21, 2016

Magical Morocco — a land full of dessert sand, magical and creative art and music, delicious ethnic foods, and exotic sights — is a place you need to experience for yourself.

When scooping out the raddest places for a yoga retreat, we couldn’t help but choose Marrakesh for its diverse people, sights, and experiences for your senses.

Below learn why we believe that it is the perfect place for a yoga retreat, and then go and experience it for yourself with us this fall at the Fellah Hotel, just outside of Marrakesh.

5 Reasons to Experience a Magical Marrakech Yoga Retreat


1. Enliven your senses by experiencing delicious, local food.

The sights, smells, and colors of Marrakesh are calling your name. In Morocco, you’ll get the opportunity to try healthy vegetarian food and traditional Moroccan plates (including the world renown Moroccan fish if you choose to eat fish), organic vegetables and couscous and one of a kind flavors.

Guests may even participate in cooking classes and see where their food is grown at Fellah Hotel’s on-site farm.


2. Deepen your practice.

Ready to enliven your practice far away from your normal studio? In Morocco, you will have the opportunity to practice away from your normal grind with world-class teachers, in an epic, dessert setting.

Sometimes leaving home will allow you to take your practice to new heights, and hey, who doesn’t want to practice in close proximity to camels?

Maroc_Marrakech_Jemaa-el-Fna_Luc_Viatour (1)

3. Embrace your sense of adventure by taking excursions throughout Morocco.

There’s no reason to leave home if you’re not going to experience life there, and there are plenty of sites to see on a yoga retreat to Marrakesh. For instance, you’ll get the opportunity to experience The Medina and Djemaa el-Fna as well as a few other important sites.

Of course, you’ll also have time to check out the city of Marrakesh, colorful spice markets, and various uniquely Moroccan rugs, clothes, and other sites to see and purchase.

You’ll also be able to ride a camel and trek through the sand.

At home base, the Fellah Hotel, you’ll also be able to milk a goat, groom a donkey, check out the working farm, and even enjoy a massage.


4. Discover a unique music and arts scene.

Experiencing a yoga retreat at the Fellah Hotel outside of Marrakesh is the perfect place to experience Morocco’s music and arts scene, with artists in residence at the eco-friendly Hamman-style location.

With local artists in residence, a working farm, a thai massage school, a vibrant art and music scene, our Marrakech yoga retreat is sure to be a magical experience.

In addition, a portion of your check-in contributes to Dar al-Ma’mûn, an UNESCO recognized art center and library that provides cultural education and activities for our local village.

You’ll see art being made before your eyes and hear sweet beats throughout the experience.

Marrakech Yoga Retreat

5. Experience the healing, spiritual powers of the land as you hike through the desert.

Want to really connect to the land? Take a hike. You’ll get an opportunity to Atlas Mountains to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy majestic views.

There’s something magical about the desert. You need to see it, smell it, hear it, and feel it to understand it for yourself.

Join us on our Magical Marrakesh Yoga Retreat with Rebecca Jo this October 23–29, 2016. Learn more and sign up today! 

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