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5 Reasons to Experience an Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat

January 20, 2016

In searching the global for the most magical, intense and inspiring places to practice yoga on and off the mat, Iceland tops the list for yogi adventurers.

From hiking glaciers to exploring hot springs and diving deep into the culture of Reykjavik, every single day on a yoga retreat in Iceland is full of adventure and transformation.

We gathered some of the top reasons to experience Iceland through a yoga retreat.

5 Reasons to Experience an Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat


1. Connect to nature. 

In Iceland, you’ll have the opportunity to venture to the geothermal area of Hvergardi as you hike hot springs, discover waterfalls, eat bread baked into the ground, and so much more as you explore ancient fishing villages.

As you travel to the magical Snæfellsnes Peninsula, you’ll be surrounded by the waves of the ocean, national parks, glaciers, and can explore black rock beaches and mossy lava hikes.  There also are plenty of opportunities for whale watching, rafting, and fishing.

The country itself is full of wild scenery and every step you take will connect you deeper to nature.

Did we mention that you’ll be drinking pure Glacial water the whole time?

Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat

2. Indulge your inner foodie through Iceland’s various food options.

Iceland offers a variety of organic and local food like fresh local fish, delicious vegetarian options, cheeses, fruits Skyr (Icelandic yogurt), and more.  Because Iceland is on an island, it has an incredible unique take on food.

In addition to the most incredible seafood available and a thriving restaurant culture, Reykjavik also contains plenty of delicious vegetarian restaurants and a raw food restaurant to die for.

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3. Stay in Spectacular Locations

For instance, as you stay at Frost and Fire you’ll experience outstanding views, and relaxing amenities like a hot tubs, steam rooms, and Kneipp baths.


Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat

4. Enjoy Art & Culture

Iceland is a hub of creativity, being a hot spot for writing and art. In Reykjavik, specifically, you can visit The National Museum Iceland, the Einar Jonsson Museum, the Nordic House, the Living Art Museum, and so much more.

You can also enjoy live music, dancing or just relax and unwind, at a variety of local bars and pubs. 

Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat

5. Practice Yoga in Spectacular Locations

While the practice is always about the breath, journeying to another location can provide you with a must-needed change of perspective. To be surrounded by breathtaking nature is an invitation itself to be more connected with who you are and merging it with yoga makes this connection even stronger.

Traveling can be intense and practicing yoga will keep your body healthy, happy and more receptive to every single experience you’ll have – which, in a place where every day is filled with adventure, is no small thing.

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