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5 Reasons to Book a Yoga Retreat Early

May 4, 2015

book a yoga retreat early
  1. Get The Best Rooms.

If you sign up early you’ll have the most rooming options. We often sell out of single rooms really quickly and when there are multiple rooms of similar but varying quality, we give the best ones to those who sign up early.

  1. Find The Best Flight Prices & Options.

The more time you have to look into flights the better. Though it’s hard to predict, it’s very likely that you’ll find cheaper flights the sooner you book. More importantly, you’ll find better flights! We want you to have the best arriving and returning flight times as possible to allow for an ease free travel experience. You’ll simply have more flight options when you sign up early for our yoga retreats. For more info on booking flights, see our article here.

  1. Early Bird Discounts.

This one might be obvious but it’s worth sharing. The earlier you book the lower the price, it’s simple! We’ve created early bird prices so we can offer more affordable options for those who need it and since it helps us out to have people sign up early, we hope you do!

  1. More Time For Planning.

For those of you that work pretty stressful jobs, or have a super busy life at home, when you book a yoga retreat early, you’ll have more time to get your life in order before you leave so that you can really drop in and receive the gift of relaxation. Some of you will also want to take advantage of your trip and travel before and/or after, so it helps to have as much time as possible to plan for your pre/post trip travel experience

  1. Retreats Sell Out.

If you’re really excited about retreating with us, don’t miss out because you waited too long to sign up. Our most popular retreats sell out pretty early on and may not be repeated for another year or two!