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Our 5 Favorite Winter Yoga Retreats

December 8, 2017

Did you know that every one of our trips features a highly experience yoga teacher that collaborates to create the content of each yoga experience? We only work with teachers that are highly experienced and entirely in love with yoga, travel and community. You may be coming for the incredible food of Oaxaca, or the northern lights of Iceland, or the healing rituals of Bali, but you may walk away with a new favorite teacher and teachings/inspirations that reverberate far beyond your week in paradise together.

Below we’ve collected our 5 favorite winter retreats of 2018. If you have any questions about any of them, please do not hesitate to reach out to hour customer support team at

oaxaca mexicoOaxaca Wonder

We just can’t get enough of this yoga retreat in Oaxaca with Mari Sierra. First of all, we’d be excited to move our bodies with Mar in a motel lounge on a busy shopping strip in Anywhere, America, so we are bursting at the seams to be going to OAXACA with Mar. Why Oaxaca? Because it’s a sensory explosion! A cultural rarity! A natural wonder! A travelers Mecca! A Foodie’s heaven! A Mezcalera’s homegoing! A chocolatier’s sweet spot! A potter’s inspiration! A writers playground! An artists dream! All that and it’s just a 45 min flight from Mexico City.

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favorite winter yoga retreats

The Osa – Costa Rica’s Wild Life

We love this yoga retreat in Costa Rica because it’s perfect for anyone who already loves Costa Rica and is sick of all the crowds, is wondering where all the wildlife went and wants to feel like the very first time they came to Costa Rica, when it was wild, breaming with animals, no one in sight at the beach, uncrowded waves, etc. AND it’s perfect for anyone who has been dreaming of Costa Rica and has been waiting for the perfect way to have their first experience in the land of choices. Our power team of Brook & Javanne alongside the amazing staff at Boca Sombrero is verging on illegal it’s so sweet and powerful.
favorite winter yoga retreats

Colombia Yoga Retreat

Our maiden voyage to Colombia means you get killer prices for this unique eco-lodge on the edge of the jungle and the beach. Do you need to feel you wild side in 2018? Do you crave being rooted in deep, beautiful, intoxicating nature every day? Do you want to call more movement and creativity into the new year? Are you longing to create space from technology and feel into who  you are without distraction? Join one of our favorite teachers, Aarona, in our newest off the beaten path destination, Colombia.

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favorite winter yoga retreats

Iceland Northern Lights

This winter yoga retreat is outrageous. Please skip it if you want something more bland. I mean seriously. We are going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, we’re going to soak in the blue lagoon to hike in the North and walk on Glaciers. We’ll be staying at Icelandair Marina Hotel in Reykjavik and spending 3 nights at Ravenhill for Northern Lights up North.

 bali yoga retreat

Bali – Life As Offering

This is our 4th annual yoga retreat to Bali and it’s going to be so sweet because, well, it’s Bali and we are staying with the beautiful crew at Naya Ubud. We’re going in March which has been such a beautiful time of year in Bali and typically a pretty shitty time of year back home when all you want is the sweet smell of the earth thawing and the sound of the birds returning and the feeling of sweet spring love. But guess what, you’ll probably have to wait another month or two so stop pretending like this year will be different and do something really good for yourself by being in BALI instead of waiting.

Ben Crosky

Check out our 5 favorite winter yoga retreats of 2018!