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5 Fail Proof Yogi Holiday Gifts

December 2, 2014

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Tis the season and many of us are thinking about that perfect gift for that special someone. Thoughtfulness is the key to any successful holiday gift exchange – but if you’re new to yoga or  have a yogi in your life, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the options out there for “yoga gifts.” Remembering that intention is everything, here are five fail proof gifts any yogi will do a handstand for!

1. A Retreat : Ok, yes you’re on a travel site and we may be a little biased, but the best gifts in the world are those that you cannot really put in a box and wrap with a bow. By helping fund a loved ones retreat experience, you are giving them the opportunity to deepen their practice, develop life long friends, cultivate awareness, and experience new and exciting places and cultures. There isn’t a price you can hang on that. If it’s in the cards, buy one for you to attend with and develop a stronger bond between you both. No harm in some self love!

2. Handmade gifts : Anything made with love will last forever. Crochet a scarf, make a dream catcher, or whip up a batch of the best vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free brownies you can find (ha!!) and share the love. This goes further than you can ever imagine.

3. Bodywork : Especially if your yogi is an instructor, getting physical on a regular basis can cause some stiffness from time to time. Hook them up with a really sweet massage. Go big, go for the hour and a half or two hour option. Present it with some epsom salts (naturally scented of course) and a fun mud mask for at home. Remind them to love their bodies with restoration and a little t.l.c.

4. Yoga accessories : Props and toys can be expensive that sometimes people forego having them at home, but having your own props changes your home practice infinitely. That said, everyone does have a personal preference on what kind of props they like. Jade vs. Manduka mats, cork vs. foam vs. wood blocks, thin vs. wide bolsters… the list goes on. Best option, take a class or two with them and ask them what they think about the various props the studio has to get a sense of what they like. If that’s not an option, gift cards to yoga gear companies are like gold. Some of the heavy hitters include Gaiam, lululemon, Manduka and Jade. Get them talking about their yoga as you shop, you’ll get a sense of what they love the most.

5. More Yoga!! : Gift Cards to that one studio they want to try or to their regular stomping ground is a game changer! Class can get expensive, so showing support for their practice by making sure they can get to class will go a long way.

Most yogis aren’t after things, but love and community from those important to them. By supporting their practice and the path they’re on, the holiday gifting season can help shape their yoga and keep everyone happy, healthy, and joyful!

Happy Holidays from yours truly,


Written By: Tayla Ealom

Yogini and writer Tayla Ealom is an excited and passionate Bhakti trained yoga teacher freshly relocated to the Bay after 5 years in Los Angeles. Originally from Colorado, she began writing poetry as far back as she can remember and in 2010, published her first collection of poems entitled "Side Notes on the End Table: Thin Wheezings of Humanity." Shortly after, she began her adventure down the road of yoga and healing and hasn't looked back. Connecting her love for the written word with the inspiration she finds from the practices of yoga and meditation, she's dedicated her life and work to building a community that supports one another through true healing, love, laughter, and a little weirdness. Stop by one of her classes to experience excitement, compassion and bad jokes as you sweat, heal, and release. Pop by her website to get a glimpse at her writings and other offerings.