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5 Essential Life Truths Women Solo Travelers Know (But Don’t Talk About)

June 22, 2016

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Several years ago I asked myself, “When do I feel like my best self?”

My heart jumped to the surface and responded with “When I travel and write.” The problem was, at the time I was stuck in a corporate job working in advertising. My doctor had just diagnosed me with clinical depression and I was suffocating from drug addiction and eating disorders. I felt trapped by my life circumstances, but that simple little question was my glimmer of hope.

I knew the only choice I had was to honor what I loved, so I took a trip to Paris—alone, just me and my laptop. I wrote every day, and in my creative expression I found my true self. I had clarity and realized I can change my situation by continuing to honor my inner voice and the happiness within.

Flash forward to today: I am living my dream life, depression free and working and running my successful business as a book author, travel writer, and business life coach. I get to work from anywhere in the world, which is exciting, and as I travel I meet more like-minded people.

I’ve created a life that supports my need and love of travel and adventure. But my lifestyle isn’t typical. Most trips I travel alone. When I tell people I am about to go on a trip, many often ask, “Aren’t you worried about going alone?” Many say they could never do that. But the truth about traveling alone is you are never really alone when you show up fully for yourself.

I’ve met some of my closest friends on solo travel trips. Whether on hiking trails, snorkeling in the ocean, or sipping coffee at a café, it is easy to meet people when you are open to the experience.

Travelers have a perspective on life that helps them make the most out of every moment. I’ve discovered there is a collective consciousness shared between people who love to travel. An unshakable bond that unites us.

Whether you are a seasoned travel buff, a wanderlust junkie, or simply get your travel fix from exotic locations pinned on your Pinterest board, these essential life truths shared by all solo travelers can help inspire you to a happy life.

1. Life is better on the other side of fear.

Many people don’t travel because of fear. Fear of the world’s current state of affairs, fear of the unknown, fear of being stuck or alone in a foreign country. Solo women travelers have these fears, too, but we don’t let them stop us. In fact, we don’t give them much focus at all because we know that life is happier and more rewarding when you push through fear and live on the other side. Instead of focusing on your fear, choose love and let your dreamer lead you. Women solo travelers know that once you take one step forward, the fear will go away. Just take one step forward.

2. It is better to run toward something than run away from something.

There is a misconception that most people who travel alone are running away from something. A divorce, sad family situation, a layoff, or just pure boredom. Although these may be a catalyst for some journeys, most of us are more excited about the possibilities yet to be manifested. We look forward to the unknown and welcome the experience. Instead of running away from something, solo women travelers know the value of running to something. After all, you can never really run away, because wherever you go, there you are, as Jon Kabat-Zinn says.

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Shannon Kaiser has been labeled a modern thought leader on the rise by CafeTruth and Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by Mind Body Green. She is the best selling author of Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest, and six-time contributing author to Chicken Soup for The Soul.

She is an inspirational author, speaker, travel writer, and life coach who left her successful career in advertising several years ago to follow her heart and be a writer. Her unique and adventurous twist to self-help inspires people to take risks and embrace the unknown so they can live openly and courageously from their heart. Her website was named top 100 self-help blogs on the Internet by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Shannon is the author of the bestselling books Adventures For Your Soul and Find Your Happy.

She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her adventure buddy, her dog, Tucker.

You can get a FREE love you life to the fullest guide on her website And connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.