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5 Alternative Ways the Share the Love for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2019

We’re all about spreading and sharing the love in authentic and creative ways, everyday. If you’re anything like us you don’t need a designated date on the cal to celebrate love and to let that special someone in your life know how you feel about them. Yet, too often year-after-year we get swept up in the hullabaloo around Valentine’s Day, and can be left feeling lonely, isolated and inadequate—especially amongst those of us singles out there.

Fear not, friends! We’ve curated a quick list below for y’all featuring some of our favorite alternative ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day season—doesn’t matter if you’re solo this V-Day or coupled up, celebrating love and sharing with those around us is something we can all get behind. Here’s to ditching the expensive dinner reservation and doubling-down on what really matters out there this year, we hope you enjoy.

1. Get Outdoors & Love Nature

Now more than ever we all should be celebrating our love for the beauty of the natural environment that supports and inspires us everyday. Take yourself or that special someone for a picnic lunch in the park, or maybe grab a bottle of wine and your favorite snacks for a romantic sunset hike. If you’re more of a nighttime person, roll out a blanket and cozy up for some stargazing. Who knows, you may even spot a shooting star! Hang at the beach, climb a mountain, build a campfire, walk in the woods…the options for a creative and alternative celebration are endless. Whatever your vibe, mother nature has got your back always—let’s show her some love this time around.

2. Volunteer & Give Back to Your Community

Help share the love with those who need it most this Valentine’s day by volunteering solo, with friends or with your SO. Ask your local shelter, food bank, ASPCA, hospital or community center how you may volunteer your time or help. From cleaning up local parks to walking cute dogs, there are many ways to make a small difference in your community. What better way to share the love than with those around you who need it most.

3. Evening Activities, Unplugged

We could all benefit from a night unplugged from all of our devices and screens to reconnect both with ourselves and those around us. Light some candles, thrown a record on and cook something delicious for yourself (and your valentine) and enjoy without any distractions. After dinner, breakout the glue sticks, beads, construction paper, crayons and a bottle of wine (or two) for a cozy night in of arts & crafts and creative fun. Bust out your favorite childhood board game, a deck of cards, play some charades…whatever you decide, unplugging and tapping into your inner creativity and spirit is a relaxing way to feel the love all night long.

4. Plan the Perfect Retreat TOGETHER

Confirming a once in a lifetime, memorable experience like one of our signature yoga retreats together with your significant other, your favorite travel buddy, or anyone else special in your life is certainly our favorite way to share and spread the love. Whether you’re planning another vacation with your longtime sweetheart or booking a spontaneous adventure with your new bestie, we’ve done all of the legwork for you—choose your favorite epic destination and get ready to have the time of your lives together.

Even better, we’re making it even easier for you…


In celebration of togetherness this Valentine’s Day we are offering a special sale! Sign up together by purchasing two (2) tickets to any international retreats with your next retreat partner between February 12-19 and you’ll receive $200 off of the price of each ticket.

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5. Radical Self Care Spa Day (DIY or not)

The spa is calling! But wait, isn’t it always? If you’re anything like us, a soothing day of self care (whether alone or shared with someone special) is just what the doctor ordered in the middle of the winter season. As if we needed another reason to slip into a robe, dip into a bubbly pool of warm water and pamper ourselves all day, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to indulge ourselves a bit. Many locations also feature special services and treatment in celebration of the love-filled holiday as well. If hitting the spa isn’t your go-to, check out some of our articles on how to DIY self care from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may find yourself.