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4 Reasons Why Having a Morning Ritual is Key

October 1, 2017

In the tradition of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, the hours just after waking are the best moments of the day for spiritual alignment and meditation. Morning rituals act like a priming agent for the rest of your day by creating a “tone” for your thoughts, actions and mood. Taking advantage of this more grounded state of being can set up your entire day in a better way.

If you’ve ever had to share a bathroom with anyone before, or you have children, you already know how important it is to have a routine to help control the “early bird” chaos. Lately, morning rituals have gotten a lot of attention from the entrepreneurial community, boasting a powerful correlation between having one and massive success.

Whether or not the moments after you wake up are yours to relish in, here are 4 reasons why having a morning routine is key to your success:

It Will Set the Mood

There is a tool used in Behavioral Psychology that plays a huge role in determining the success of a given outcome. It’s called “priming.” Creating a balanced morning routine that includes some self-care like meditation, yoga, a quick bout of cardio to keep your body healthy, or a nourishing meal to feed your mind-body all morning long, primes you for success.

Think of it like a neurological preset for productivity; No matter how insane your day turns out, having those first few moments under your control and deliberately chosen by your best self will act like a touchstone for grounding energy during the more turbulent or boring times of your day.

It Prioritizes Self-Care

Let’s be real – every single one of us had to be diligently taught to brush and floss our teeth. We had guardians and dentists reminding us of how important it is to keep our teeth healthy even though we had no concept of sustainable healthcare or root canals…and eventually, this wisdom stuck. In our childhood, being reminded to complete this part of our morning or evening ritual might have been a little annoying but ultimately was not a big deal.

In adulthood, self-care routines can get pushed off the already full plate of responsibility and excused in place of watching TV or something equal to it. But our mental health and spiritual wellness are just as important (and necessary!) as our teeth and gums. Prioritize some legitimate self-care into your morning ritual, even if right now you don’t totally understand why it is so important. Your future self with thank you for it.

It Will Help Prevent Mindlessness

Consider adding this simple process to your morning routine: Visualize yourself executing that days’ plan, task by task, in the best possible way. Pay special attention to the transitions between those tasks, and how you see yourself tackling surprises and confrontational situations, too.

By priming yourself with a mental blueprint of your day and strategizing a proactive, healthy relationship to any anticipated difficulty, you will be more present and aware of each part of your day as it happens. Bringing mindfulness into your day can be the make-or-break skill that ultimately keeps you in your power.

It’s a Buffer for Chaos

Carving out some time at the top of your morning may feel impossible. Just make it happen. Rearrange your morning as it is now, negotiate with your housemate if need be and find a way to commit to this ritual. Some days will just be gnarly. You won’t have enough time or energy or wherewithal. By learning to learn on to your morning ritual when the going gets tough can offer a sense of control on days when life’s chaos is too obvious. Use it as a moment of respite on stormier days and stick with it on more benign ones– it is a gift that will keep on giving.

With practice, your morning ritual will feel as second nature as reaching for the toothbrush or coffee mug. Like all practices, be gentle with yourself as you start out. Expect to mess it up a few times and know that the routine will eventual feel really familiar and supportive.