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4 International Yoga Retreats We’re Stoked For This Spring

February 12, 2016

The spring is almost here and we are already visualizing the first bloom sprouting out of the ground, sunny afternoons relaxing in nature, and exploring new places that are far from our normal yoga studios. As we enjoy the last month or so or winter, it’s important to treat ourselves to something that makes us come alive — an inspiring international yoga retreat.

From Tulum to Bali, discover the most magical places to journey to this spring.


1. Tulum Yoga Retreat | March 6 – 12, 12 – 20, 2016

Meet us at the outstanding Uno Astrolodge — where the lush jungle meets the hot white sand beach and warm turquoise Caribbean waters for a week of yoga with Brook Cheatham or Jazz Braden. Spend your days splashing by the water, exploring Mayan ruins, splashing in the seas and connecting with our beautiful community. You’ll also have an opportunity to indulge in relaxing massages, sipping fresh juices and making close friends.

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2. How You Glow Bali Yoga Retreat | March 26–April 2, 2016

Join us with How You Glow for a week of Bali bliss as we soak up the lush jungle and rice patties in the land of goddesses. Each day will be spent hiking, swimming, practicing yoga, healing through various hot springs, and diving into local culture as you grow inside and outside. We will explore two epic locations — Ubud and Uluwatu, where we will savor the sea and the surf. This is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

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3. FP Escapes Yoga Retreat in Spain | April 22 29, 2016

Journey with us on a cultural and spiritual adventure in the heart of Andalucia for daily yoga classes, incredible food, excursions into local towns, a visit to the hammam, flamenco, deepening community through the powerful art of ritual & $500 worth of Free People product.

You’ll get the opportunity to visit local historical sites, experience local folklore, horseback ride through Spain countryside, and relax & unwind. Mischa Varmuza & Maggie Harrsen will guide you throughout the experience.

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4. Greece Yoga Retreat | May 21–28, 2016

We’ve been waiting to yoga retreat in Greece until we found the perfect spot, and we are glad we waited because Itha108 is a dream come true on the island of Ithaca.  We’ve paired up with Jessica Bellofatto to create this unique and fun yoga retreat in paradise to offer incredible yoga, SUP, delicious meals, amazing beaches and more.

What’s number one on your travel list? Weigh-in below.

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