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3 Things You Should Know About Taylor Eyewalker

December 23, 2016

There’s a lot you learn about a teacher when you take class with them, but there’s still so much more to their story. With the desire to get to know Taylor Eyewalker more, we’ve compiled a short list about things you should know:

1. She loves drinking tea- a part of her daily practice is tea ceremony, called Cha Dao. She is deeply connected to the wisdom of the earth and infuses all she does in honor of being grounded.

2. She loves vintage, adorning her home and her body with the pieces that could tell a million stories if they could talk.

3. She has a line of botanical perfumes.  Her desire is to redefine the way people relate to plants and use them as a vehicle for transformation.

We’re adding in one more, we couldn’t resist…
4. She has a deeply dedicated meditation practice in the Amrit vela (between the hours of 4-6am). Her discipline is no joke.
Taylor is a source of inspiration and wisdom. We are looking forward to spending time with this amazing woman on The Greece Retreat.  Join us!
Lindsay Foreman

Lindsay’s core teaching is to empower people to believe in themselves. She wants to help you rise above the things that hold you back. She wants to help you discover an authentic way of moving in your body. And give you the courage to listen to your intuition. I want you to feel good expressing exactly who YOU are, because that is beautiful!

Join Lindsay on retreats, take a class with her in the the Bay Area, or sign up for online classes and meditations.