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3 Reasons You’ll Love Practicing with Molly Jo

July 9, 2018

molly jo yoga

Molly Jo is co-hosting the YOGASCAPES Yellowstone Yoga Retreat in August. Discover three of the many reasons why you’ll love being on your mat and in nature with her:

:: Her Medicine :: She knows the enormous power within Yoga, Earth Medicine and Music, and she knows how to share it with the world.  Molly Jo knows what’s good for what ails you, and she wants nothing more than to help you find it.  Moments into one of her Vinyasa sequences, plant walks, tea ceremonies or stories, you’ll feel closer to your truest, and more Awake than ever.

:: Her Music :: Whether she is leading powerful Mantra, facilitating guided meditation, accompanying Vinyasa with her original music, or in simple conversation, Molly Jo’s soothing, harmonic voice shines through with resonance and clarity.  Students can’t get enough.

 :: Her Example :: Through immense heartaches and joys, she has maintained an unwavering commitment to the practices of Mindfulness and Sustainability.  Molly Jo loves and nurtures the Earth and all beings who call it home with a fierce passion which she maintains through her dedication to Lovingkindness for self and kin. She reminds us that although it isn’t always easy, the path toward a harmonious existence is simple.

molly jo yoga