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3 Reasons to Fall In Love with Abby Tucker

December 21, 2016

abby tucker yoga
abby tucker yoga

We have been on retreat with Abby many times, and each time we fall more and more in love with her. Here’s why you should too:

She’s a little witchy.
Abby is known for blending her practice of yoga with mystical earth based and gnostic wisdom. Her love for nature and eastern philosophies started at a young age and found her life transformed by its alchemy. Abby leads women’s circles, personal rites of passage ceremonies, and sacred pilgrimages as part of this work.

She’s a nature girl.
Abby grew up in Tennessee playing in the mystical field behind her home building an intimate relationship with natures cycles. Now, as an adult, she still spends her time on her 6acre farm infusing her classes with rhythms of nature.

She’s a teacher’s teacher
Abby has spent lot’s of her time as a student, nearly 20 years of practice and study. Now, as a teacher Abby is focused on her integrated method called The Sovereign Path. Abby believes that, to be Sovereign is to remember our innate power and value. If you want to learn from many lineages, she’s your girl.

We are so excited to soak in the healing hot springs during The Sierra’s Retreat and be swept away into a magical wonderland with Abby Tucker. See you there!

Lindsay Foreman

Lindsay’s core teaching is to empower people to believe in themselves. She wants to help you rise above the things that hold you back. She wants to help you discover an authentic way of moving in your body. And give you the courage to listen to your intuition. I want you to feel good expressing exactly who YOU are, because that is beautiful!

Join Lindsay on retreats, take a class with her in the the Bay Area, or sign up for online classes and meditations.