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13 Reasons Why Vacationing With Your Love Strengthens Your Relationship

October 14, 2015

Thinking about going away with your loved one?

According to a survey of 1,000 couples, over 63 percent of people believe that traveling has helped them stay together.

via Lifehack:

1. A common goal and purpose

They share a common goal and purpose to see the world together. The anticipation and yearning of unraveling destinations, committing themselves to an endless adventure somehow bonds such couples and offers them a reason to always want to be together.

2. Understanding and adjusting to their limitations

Traveling is revealing, not only to the outer world but also to each other. They discover their strengths and weaknesses and find out how to complement each on these roles as they keep on uncovering paths and destinations.

3.They have better communication

According to a survey, it was found out that couples who travel together agree better and have fewer disagreements than couples who don’t travel together. Traveling makes them more understanding and patient for each other.

4.They have a better sexual relationship

According to a survey, couples who travel together have a better sexual relationship than couples who don’t travel together. Traveling together cuts the work and stress into half, enough to spark romance and affection. According to the survey more than three quarters of those who traveled admitted that they have a good sex life.

5. Experiencing something new together

The indelible treasure engraved in your hearts and minds when experiencing something together can be everlasting. What is new sort of creates a memory that will be forever unique to their relationships.

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