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12 Travel Mantras to Inspire & Protect You

April 28, 2016

Mindful travel requires a multitude of deep breaths, moments of pause, and mantras to keep you focused on the aim of the travels.

When traveling, try to create a theme that guides our journey—like relaxation, exploration, ritual, or adventure.

At the same time, focus on a mantra to come back to when things get a little bit crazy or when you lose track of the purpose of the journey.

Below we gathered a list of our favorite travel mantras—both English phrases and traditional Sanskirt—to help guide you wherever life leads.

1. “Don’t over plan, leave room for exploration.” — Jim Kovarik

2. “If it scares you, do it.” – David Lee

3. “Travel, and life, are all about the experiences.” – Matt Long

4. “The point of the journey is not to arrive.” – Steven Frischling

5. “I’d rather have the most stories than the most things.” – Anwar Yafai

6. “Invest in experiences, rather than things.” – Spencer Spellman

7. “Everything is walking distance if you have the time.” – Stephen Wright

8. “Ek ong kaar, sat naam, karataa purakh, nirbho, nirvair Akaal moorat, ajoonee, saibhang, gur prasaad. Jap! Aad such, jugaad such, Hai bhee such, Naanak hosee bhee such.”

This mantra is perfect for restoring your sense of self on your way back from a stressful gathering, especially with family.

9. “Chattra Chakkra Vartee, Chattra Chakkra Bhugatay Suyumbhav Subhang Sarab Daa Saraab Jugatay Dukaalang Pranaasee, Diaalang Saroopay Sadaa Ang Sangay, Abhangang Bibhootay.”

The mantra above is known as “Chattra Chakkra Vartee” and it comes for a sacred Sikh poem called Jaap Sahib. Millions of Sikhs recite this mantra daily, according to Spirit Voyage. It removes phobias and decreases anxiety. It also serves as a powerful protection mantra which instills fearlessness in the practitioner.

10. “Har Har Har Haree.”

This mantra will help clear other peoples’ energy while traveling.

12. “Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh, sat guray nameh, siri guru devay nameh”

This is a popular mantra that most Kundalini yogis chant three times before putting the car keys in the ignition for protection around the car.

What’s your favorite travel mantra? Weigh-in below.

Photo: Dennis Jarvis

Living every single day for the mat, Sara is a yoga teacher, a published yoga writer and storyteller, an innovative yoga marketer, a YOGANONYMOUS editor, and a dedicated yoga student.

Sara strives to live from the connection of her head and her heart and encourages her students and clients to do the same by motivating them to step into their full powerful purpose through the transformational magic of yoga.

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