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10 Helpful Tips for Flying

July 2, 2017

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In slowing down, we find grounding in stillness and quiet; we create space to listen to our bodies, to our minds and spirits and gauge how we are really doing. We reflect on what brings us joy, what challenges us and what we value. And that relationship to our own inner guide is essential.

When we are really present in our practice on the mat, we feel how the richness is not just the stillness of the poses themselves but within the transitions as well. As we move through transitions, we can sense the quality of our foundation – how resilient it is, how strong, how adaptable.

Traveling offers us an abundance of adventure and many moments of transition. We go out of our routine and daily life. This offers experiences of both freedom and challenge, inviting us to open our senses, embrace our curiosity, gain new perspective and step into adaptability. Traveling invites us to loosen our grip on our expectations by tapping into what we really need and letting go of that which we cannot force.

Over our many adventures around the world, whether we’re going to Patagonia or Costa Rica, we’ve come up with 10 simple tricks that ground us as we fly:

1. Pack a warm layer, cozy socks, chap stick, eye mask, ear plugs, a good book and a journal

2. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on/off through security

3. Consider if a backpacking backpack (hands free, but harder on your body) or. a rolling suitcase is right for you. Backpacking backpacks keep your hands free but can be harder on the body. Rolling suitcases provide more protection but can be difficult to roll across certain terrain. Check out Away suitcases.

4. See if your airport has a yoga room: just don’t loose track of time completely!

5. Download your favorite podcasts or music

6. Bring healthy snacks & tea for the flight

7. Sign up for Pana: they’ll automatically check you into your flights

8. Hydrate & Moisturize: flying is drying. Drink plenty before and during your flight

9. Mark your suitcase: because everyone has a black rolling bag

10. Stretch on the plane: what a perfect opportunity to enjoy a mini stretch sesh!

As Lead Experience Designer at Yogascapes and Wildsoul, Leah designs transformative and creative experiences that deepen holistic connection to self, community, and planet. Leah’s personal Vinyasa-based yoga practice is informed by her exploration of movement as a dancer and welcoming attitude towards challenge as a rock climber and Acroyogi.
Leah is a student of natural medicine and Ayurveda, and received a B.A. in Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice at UC Berkeley. Before arriving to Yogascapes, she most recently served as Programs Director and Strategic Developer at Bay Area Green Tours, and consulted for clients including the Institute of Environmental Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Pure Water, and Global Inheritance. Leah is based in the Bay Area, but can often be found in far corners of the world seeking new flavors in food and adventure.