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10 Best Ecuador Yoga Retreats

June 5, 2018

Best Yoga Retreats in Ecuador.

We searched long and far looking for the most amazing yoga retreats and spas in Ecuador. We’ve found some amazing yoga retreat centers, eco-lodges and boutique spas in some of the most incredible places in Ecuador.

Do you have a favorite yoga retreat in Ecuador?  If so tell us about it and we’ll add it to our Best Yoga Retreats in Ecuador list, or even better, we’ll go there to host a retreat! We started with 10 and will keep the list going with new discoveries!

Don’t miss our upcoming Yoga Retreat in Ecuador with Rebecca Rogers & The Pachamama Alliance, October 6-17, 2018, it’s going to be life changing!


Yogascapes Ecuador Yoga Retreat with The Pachamama Alliance

This is an extraordinary opportunity to travel with purpose, both to tether your heart to your purpose in life and to take a stand for our precious earth by supporting a beautiful project that protects one of, if not the most important natural habitats in the world. On this special journey, we will spend time with the legendary Achuar, whose courageous warrior spirit is dedicated to protecting the pristine rainforest on behalf of us all, and the deeply spiritual Sápara whose commitment to the healing power of the forest and finding viable alternatives to oil exploitation has preserved their culture against all odds.

THE HEART // Our mission at Yogascapes is to heal the world through healing the individual and the community. The more we explore the world, the more we learn how important it is to have the gift of our inward journey expressed by making a stand for what we believe in and we believe in saving this beautiful planet that gives to us without ever asking for anything in return.  We embark on this journey to visit two indigenous cultures who embody the inward journey and the outward protection of mother earth. As Yogascapes grows we commit to supporting these cultures, not just so that we ourselves can learn from them, but so that we can help them protect the pristine rainforest for all people now and generations to come.

Ecuador Yoga Retreat

My Sachaji Ecolodge, Hotel & Yoga Retreat Center

A pioneer in wellness in Ecuador, immersed in Andean healing traditions and led by experienced healers, we created My SachaJi ecolodge as a space for guests to disconnect, find balance, relax and delight in majestic views over San Pablo Lake and the imposing Imbabura volcano in the northern Andes.

The pure mountain air, serene setting, cozy yet simple rooms and spaces, warm and sincere service, and delicious meals prepared fresh from our on-site organic vegetable garden, all combine to create a sense connection and simplicity, making your journey one of both renewal and discovery.

Time, space and life take on new meaning here with us. My SachaJi accompanies you on your quest for a clearer sense of self and a more perceptive understanding of your life’s purpose.

ecuador yoga retreat

La Selva Jungle Lodge

The foremost and leading sustainable ecolodge in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, La Selva Amazon Ecolodge & Spa sits on the shores of Garzacocha lagoon awaiting your arrival. The spacious suites are inspired by native design, and both Natural and Native Guides are the pride of the lodge, giving life to the amazing excursions. For over thirty years, La Selva has been welcoming guests from all over the world. On foot and by water, guests explore the most biodiverse region on the planet: Ecuador’s Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, home to thousands of unique species of plants and animals.

ecuador yoga retreats

Mashpi Lodge

As you descend into the forest of Mashpi, you are let in on a secret. The curtain draws back and you’re led in to the backstage of the universe, stepping between the spotlights of the sunshine filtering down through the canopy as tropical birds and howler monkeys orchestrate the soundtrack. Perhaps it’s here where the most exciting event is enacted.

Here, every element, from the leaves of every shape, size and colour imaginable to the drops of rain that bounce off them and the animals they quench, plays its role in the greatest show that most will never see, working together in incandescent harmony.

This place, this steaming, breathing, living entity, where the air is rich with life and clouds linger like disembodied spirits, is not only the lungs, but the soul of the Earth.

Best Yoga Retreat ecuador

Bromelia Lodge 

Bromelia offers a place to heal, learn about healing, meditation, yoga and martial arts. Our lodge is integrated in the surrounding natural settings of the property, so the natural setting never has been altered. With the combination of the beautiful natural suroundings, hospitality, healing treatments and classes are the perfect tranquil setting where you can relax, rejuvinate and recharge.

Ecuador Yoga Retreats

Luna Runtun Adventure Spa

We had to feature this Adventure Spa as we are so excited to stay here at the end of our amazon portion of our Yogascapes Ecuador Yoga Retreat featured above. With views like this from soaking pools, how can we not go crazy about the end of our retreat. We’ll be roughing it, staying in rustic lodges and staying with different tribes so this will be a warm welcome and integration back into our lives.  Join us in October!

best yoga retreat spa in ecuador

Rio Muchacho Organic Farm & Ecolodge

Rio Muchacho is a 10 hectare organic farm and eco-lodge located north of Canoa, on the west coast of Ecuador.

In alignment with our vision, we created a unique and ecologically friendly haven for guests to stay, relax, and explore, in the tranquil setting of a lush nature, far removed from the typical tourism tracks.

We have been welcoming visitors since many years. Our history extends over more than 25 years and it is punctuated with high-impact achievements and international recognitions. Mastering all aspects of permaculture and sustainable agriculture, we offer various courses and we are largely involved within our area’s local community. Rio Muchacho also produces its own organic food and craft products.

Ecuador yoga retreats

Hostel Casa del Sol

At Hostel Casa del Sol, you will find an organic mix of indoor and outdoor space designed with a perfect balance of quartz stone and bamboo. Encompassed by an infinite supply of good energy and sunshine, you may never want to leave!

Providing our guests with a comfortable and tranquil place to sleep is just the beginning!  We strongly believe in creating an unforgettable vacation experience. Step foot into our casa and immediately become part of ‘La familia”.

A must stop on the Ecuadorian coast, this small town has become famous for its beach, surf and laid-back atmosphere. With a diverse population of people from all over the world, varied nightlife and delicious food, there is something for everyone!

10 best yoga retreats in ecuador

Casa Kiliku Yoga Retreat Center

The Retreat Center Casa Kiliku is a place created by artists. The furnished houses and appartments are built by materials from our volcano, with bricks or adobe and wood. Every space is unique: you can enjoy living in the Andes in “The Tower”, in “The Palm Suite”, the big “Star house” or in the little “Garden House”. You can participate in dance or yoga classes in the Sala Kiliku or give a workshop yourself. You can stay on the big terrace and chat with other guests who are staying here. Or just lie in the hammock and read or meditate on treetops dancing in the wind.

yoga retreats in ecuador

La Casa Hostel in Ayampe

Five years prior to getting married to Arian, José moved to Ayampe with a dream to create a community-based home where you can share your culture, stories, and values with travelers from all over the world.

Together, we strive to provide a haven for the traveler who desires their independence and privacy, while still having the opportunity to share stories, meals, and adventures with other travelers. We like to say La Casa doesn’t have guests; it has a family… so you may come solo, but you will leave with a family.

best yoga retreats in ecuador

Don’t miss our upcoming Yoga Retreat in Ecuador with Rebecca Rogers & The Pachamama Alliance, October 6-17, 2018, it’s going to be life changing!

Ben Crosky

- Featured Photo from Luna Runtun where Yogascapes will end their yoga retreat to Ecuador in October!

One of our favorite thing to do as retreat designers is to find the most enchanting, unique and breath taking yoga retreats around the world. While others might limit themselves to actual retreat centers, we are experts are finding boutique hotels, spas, eco-lodges and design hotels that create the perfect retreat space, even if they aren't specifically yoga retreat centers. Places where the architecture, the food, the yoga space, the nature, the activities and the people create a potent combination of nourishment, rejuvenation and transformation.