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10 Amazing Yoga Retreats in Spain

June 17, 2015

Spain is an intoxicating country. Known for it’s diverse, rich, delicious food. Known for it’s incredibly beaches, it’s charming towns, it’s incredible people.  Known for it’s abundant festivals that symbolize it’s celebratory way of life.  Flamenco, paella, futbol, gypsy culture, tapas, sailing, festivals, castles, and now, yoga retreats.  We’ve the most exciting yoga retreats in Spain that not only offer the healing and wellness synonymous with all of our retreats, but that also tap into the rich culture and abundant nature of Spain.

Do you have a favorite Spain Yoga Retreat?  If so tell us about it and we’ll add it to our Best Yoga Retreats in Spain list, or even better, we’ll go there!

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1. Island – Yogascapes Magical Mallorca Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreat in Mallorca

2. Sevilla – Suryalila

yoga retreat southern spain

3. Andalucian Mountains – Valle De Vida

yoga retreat in spain

4. Unique – Molino Del Rey

yoga retreats in spain, casa molino


5. Glamping – Casa De Laila

yoga retreats in spain, casa de laila

6. Ibiza – Ibiza Retreats

yoga retreats ibiza

7. FormenteraFormentera Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat formentera

8. Costa Brava – Masia La Palma

yoga retreats in spain

9. Menorca – Casa Binisegarra

yoga retreats in spain, menorca

10. Wellness Center, Ibiza – The Chettinad Wellness Center
Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.28.13 PM

Other Amazing Yoga Retreats in Spain:

Sahasrara –

Trasierra –

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Finca El Moro –

Al Limon –!

Ibiza Yoga Getaway –


Ben Crosky

Featured Images of Casa de Laila, left and Sahasrara, right.